Thursday, January 3, 2013

My wish for 2013....

I have begun 2013 wishing for many things in my life........

1. I want a better me! I've decided to swap my 20 oz. Mountain Dews for Diet Coke. I still love my Dew, I just want to be in better shape & health for my family. I chose to start with soda because I drink entirely too much of it!

2. A stronger relationship with my husband. We'll be married for 13 years in 2013, it's time to get our relationship back on track! More time together, plans for the future (we had so many, but somewhere along the way, we quit planning), time alone. I want to start daing my husband again!!

3. Help my children build a better future. I want to start adding more to their savings & to also teach them more about being independant & responsible. I have great kids, they don't need much improvement!!

4. I want to be more organized! Since I have an at home job, I can do it!! I want everything to have a place & to know where anything I need is, when I need it!

5. Stronger family relationships! I want my family to get together more often, spend more time together. I have 2 sisters & 2 brothers. I am super close to one brother, although he is currently incarcerated. The other 3, I am distanced with most of the time. I want the childhood closeness back that we used to have before we became "grown ups"!

6. FRIENDS NIGHTS! My bff's & I decided over New Year's, we want to hang out more! We used to hang out & play cards almost every night, we worked together, so it was much easier! Now, as we enter 2013, we've been bff's for about 6 years! We've decided to spend atleast 1 night per month as a card night! And I can't wait!! :)

So, this year, 2013, I have huge plans! I know you all have too :) Share them if you wanna..........

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