Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming Soon....

Organizing Posts will be coming soon! I'm starting some ideas with how to organize my home, then I'll share how it works out for my house/family. I've gotten a ton of great ideas from facebook and from on-line blogs & photos. I've already begun and I've failed at taking photos of the first two project's I've worked on (I mean before pictures) ~ but I plan to start taking before pics every time!! If there is anything you're looking to organize in your home, comment and let me know what you want to see here :)



Here's what says about it:

1996 R 97 minutes
In this dark thriller from director James Foley, 16-year-old "good girl" Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) goes to a party with her best friend and meets David (Mark Wahlberg), a good-looking, enigmatic guy from the wrong side of the tracks. The two fall hard for each other, until Nicole begins to doubt the strength of their relationship. David takes extreme measures toward Nicole and her family in a twisted attempt to win her back, but will he succeed?
My thoughts:
Good movie! Good, scary parts, alot of nervousness, blood pumping, thriller like movie!
I didn't like how they made a big deal of the dad building the house to be indestructable, but making it easy for a few young guys to bust down the doors and attack the residents. I watched it a second time, worth watching atleast once!


I can't pick just one, so I'll feature a few of my favorites :)


Best sweet cereal ever!!

Any flavor is good to me!


Again, any flavor of this will work!!

These are great!! The flavor ones are okay, will eat, but prefer the original!! Also, favorite "added" one is Raisins!

So, you've seen the ones I love :) What's your favorite cereal?

MOVIE REVIEW: Spaceballs


Here's what says:

1987 PG 96 minutes
In this spoof of the Star Wars trilogy, nefarious Dark Helmet hatches a plan to snatch Princess Vespa and steal her planet's air. Space bum Lone Starr and his clueless sidekick fly to the rescue, with help from Yogurt and the power of "The Schwartz."
My thoughts:
First I want to say I was tricked!! My husband did not warn me that this was a Star Wars spoof movie! I had no clue lol, and the cover of ours doesn't even look like this! Anyway, not a bad movie, if you're into that sort of thing. Me, I thought it was wierd.


First, I want to apologize to PUREX INSIDERS, this was due back in November. I have been decluttering my home this month and during this process I found the blogger kit!
I figured since I'd done the testing of the product, I should share my thoughts on it!!

First, it arrived in a box like this:

I was excited, as I always am when I get packages! I opened it up and was excited to find this:

I immediately changed out the bottle of detergent I was using and replaced it with the Purex with Oxi.
Like all the other products I've tried from Purex, it didn't let me down! Purex with Oxi took the tough stains out of my husband's socks, the smell out of my son's & it even made the dog's blanket smell fresh! After I saw that this product worked on tough things, I went on a scrubbing spree. I washed the curtains, the blankets, even the shower curtain! I was loving this product!!

Now, Purex Insider's has provided me with 3 coupons to try this product also!! Here's how to enter:

Comment on this blog post answering this question: What's the hardest thing to get clean on laundry day?

Second, Tweet the link to this blog post/give away with the following: #Purex #SAHMAdventures
Leave a second comment on this post with the link to your tweet.

Third, Post the link to this post along with this on facebook:

SAHM Adventure's gave me a chance to win a free bottle of Purex with Oxi!

Then post a comment with the link to your facebook post.

Enter to win!! Contest ends January 31st, 2013

Around February 31st, 3 winners will be chosen at random.



Here's what says about it:

1984 PG 107 minutes
This special edition of the movie that shot Kevin Bacon to the stratosphere of fame features the actor playing Ren McCormack, a decidedly urban teen who's transplanted to a small Midwestern town where dancing is outlawed. Recruiting his best pal, the quiet Willard (Chris Penn), and his girlfriend (Lori Singer), a clergyman's daughter, Ren starts a revolution by moving to the beat. Includes commentaries, footage from the musical and more.
My thoughts:
Great movie! Especially if you like musical/dance type movies. I am a b ig fan of movies like this & even though it took me 28 years to watch it, it didn't let me down!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: Suspect Zero

Suspect Zero

Here's what says:

Suspect Zero 2004 R 99 minutes
A killer is on the loose, and FBI agent Thomas Mackelway is on the case, sifting through clues to uncover the criminal's identity. But there's one unusual twist: The bloodthirsty felon's victims of choice are other serial killers.
My thoughts:
First of all, I loved this movie! I wasn't sure it was going to be good & was even mad at my husband for picking it. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! Such a wonderful thriller, kept us and guessing all through out!

FAVORITES: Mountain Dew Flavor

The original Mountain Dew is by far the BEST!! But they do come up with some of the best flavors!! My favorites are:
Blue aka VOLTAGE:
and also,
Pink aka TYPHOON:
What's your favorite??

MOVIE REVIEW: Michael Jackson's This Is It

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Here's what says:

2009 PG 111 minutes
Featuring rehearsal footage, backstage action and interviews, this compelling documentary follows pop superstar Michael Jackson during the days leading up to his untimely death as he prepares for a series of 50 sold-out London shows.
My thoughts:
Not a bad movie if you're a Michael Jackson fan. I was bored by it really.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: Growing Up Brady

Growing Up Brady
Here's what says:
2000 PG-13 88 minutes
Barry Williams shows what it was like to grow up in front of America's eyes as Greg in the popular 1970s series "The Brady Bunch" in this made-for-TV movie based on Williams's memoirs. Adam Brody plays a young Williams who hooks up with co-star Maureen McCormick (Kaley Cuoco), lands a date with his on-screen mom, Florence Henderson (Rebeccah Bush), and deals with strife between the actors and creators.
My thoughts:
This is more like a documentary than a movie. Barry Williams shows you what it was like to be a Brady. From the fights to the romances. It was pretty revealing. I enjoyed it!


Today, let's take a look at my favorite drinks:

My favorite soda is:

I like to try all the different flavors too! They have some really yummy ones!!

I know how bad it is for you, so I switched to this in 2013:
I drank it as a teenager & prefer it to be served like this:
I also like to drink: &. My absolute favorite thing to drink though, is:

MOVIE REVIEW: How do you know

How Do You Know
Here's what says:
2010PG-13121 minutes
Feeling spurned after being cut from the national team due to her age, newly single softball player Lisa finds herself in the middle of a heated love triangle, as a professional baseball player and a business executive compete for her affections.
Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, Kathryn Hahn, Mark Linn-Baker, Lenny Venito, Molly Price, Shelley Conn, Tony Shalhoub
Romantic Comedies, Sports Comedies, Comedy

My thoughts:
First off, Reese Witherspoon is so adorable!! I just love her movies!! Ok, to the movie!! This movie was a cute, romantic movie!! I really liked it! 

Look what I won....

My daughter went to get the mail the other day & this is what I got:

MOVIE REVIEW: Mega Piranha

Here's what says:
Mega Piranha 2010  NR  90 minutes
Former pop princess Tiffany co-stars in this nerve-wracking thriller about gigantic, mutant piranhas who are irradiated in the Amazon River by well-meaning scientists in a misguided attempt to revive the local piranha population.
My thoughts:
This movie was pretty good. It had some pretty crazy stuff too! It was a good, not too bloody scary movie.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hope Floats
Here's what says:
1998PG-13114 minutes
Young mother Birdee Pruitt returns to her Texas hometown after learning (on national television) that her husband has been unfaithful. Humiliated, Birdee tries to build a new life for herself and her daughter as Birdee's mother plays matchmaker.
Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr., Gena Rowlands, Mae Whitman, Michael Paré, Cameron Finley, Kathy Najimy, Bill Cobbs, Connie Ray, Mona Lee Fultz
Romantic Dramas, Romance
My thoughts:
Not a bad movie, even though I rated it low. I just couldn't get into it :( I love, love, love Sandra Bullock. I just didn't see this movie for as good as it was supposed to be. Still worth watching, but not one of my favorites.  

CONCERT REVIEW: Kenny Chesney Summer in 3D

Kenny Chesney: Summer
Here's what says:
2010 NR 99 minutes
Country music superstar Kenny Chesney launched his Sun City Carnival concert tour in April 2009 and kept the party going across America until November 2009. Concert footage includes shows in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Seattle. State-of-the-art, 3-D camera systems and up-close access to the performers, on stage and backstage, provide fans with full exposure to all aspects of the concert tour experience.
Kenny Chesney
New Country, Country & Western/Folk, Music & Musicals

My thoughts:
Number 1, I am a HUGE Kenny Chesney fan!!! :) He's a hottie :) :)
Number 2, I did not watch it in 3D, but still loved it!!
This concert itself was fantastic!! All the hits, plus lots of pictures, interaction & all :) He sure did sing his little heart out!! My mom even borrowed it & she hardly ever borrows movies from me :) 

MOVIE REVIEW: The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth
Here's what says:
2009 R 96 minutes
A chauvinistic morning-show commentator makes his single producer the topic of a series of tests to prove the relationship theories he espouses on a segment called "The Ugly Truth." But will his experiments help her find love, or is she hopeless?
Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Eric Winter, John Michael Higgins, Bree Turner, Nick Searcy, Kevin Connolly, Cheryl Hines, Bonnie Somerville, Nathan Corddry, Vicki Lewis, Holly Weber, Jesse D. Goins
Romantic Comedies, Comedy
My thoughts:
Another funny romantic movie from Katherine Heigl. She's really a good actress, love her work!! And the movie itself was great!!! Gerard Butler looked pretty cute too!! 


My favorite food:

I love food, it's my thing. I can cook some really good meals. My kids have their favorites too. My 14 year old daughter LOVES chicken nuggets, nachos and cheese & tator tot casserole, while my 11 (almost 12) year old son loves hamburgers, calzones & tacos.

My favorite however is almost everyone's favorite: PIZZA!!! I have preferences too!! When I make homemade pizza, I love pepperoni & sausage, extra cheese. I even have different preferences when we order in too. My favorite is Papa John's Meat pizza :) If I can't afford it, I get plain sausage ~ they have the best ever!! I like Sausage & pepperoni or bacon from Dominoe's with garlic or marinara to dip the crust! Sometimes I get the pizza hoagie or pepperoni roll too! I am obsessed with it!! Not a good thing when my husband is a chef & he makes pizza everyday!!

What's your favorite food?

MOVIE REVIEW: 27 Dresses

27 Dresses
Here's what says:
2007 PG -13 105 minutes
Tired of being a perpetual bridesmaid after helping 27 friends tie the knot, altruistic Jane (Katherine Heigl) finds herself facing her worst nightmare as her younger sister (Malin Akerman) announces her engagement to the man Jane secretly adores. But when Jane meets the charming Kevin (James Marsden), will she beat her sibling to the altar? Edward Burns and Judy Greer also star in this breezy romantic comedy from director Anne Fletcher.
Here are my thoughts:
Such a cute movie!! Kinda like always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Such crazy weddings they came up with too!! Katherine Heigl is cute as the bridesmaid who does everything for everyone!! Cute chick flick!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MOVIE REVIEW: One True Thing

One True Thing
Here's what says:
1998 R 128 minutes
When a tough New Yorker (Renée Zellweger) learns her mother (Meryl Streep, in an Oscar-nominated performance) has cancer, she quits her job, breaks up with her boyfriend and moves back in with her parents to help out. But she inadvertently uncovers several family secrets, including one about her philandering father (William Hurt). Carl Franklin directs this tear-jerking adaptation of Anna Quindlen's novel of the same name.
William Hurt, Meryl Streep, Renée Zellweger, Tom Everett Scott, Lauren Graham, Nicky Katt
My thoughts:
Great movie, it shows the sacrifice some make for their family. It also shows how not everything is what it seems, it shows that just because we think something isn't right, doesn't mean that it doesn't work for some. It also shows how someone can do what is selfless for the ones they love. Sad movie, real tear jerker!! 

BOOK REVIEW: A Long Time to Hate

A Long Time to Hate
This book didn't have any description on Amazon, so here's mine:
California didn't have very strict laws, Life in Prison meant 7 1/2 years for the killer/rapist in this book. He killed a young man, 18 years old & brutally attacked & raped two girls with him. The girls testified against him, he got life in prison & got out after he served the years he had. He went back to where he'd killed them, after those who'd helped put him away. After killing a man for his car, raping & killing another woman, viciously attacking & almost killed a young man, locking an elderly man in a basement, he made it back to the original town. He then killed the judge & his wife, narrowly missed an elderly juror & kidnapped one of the women he originally raped, the other woman's son & a neighbor. All this during a flash flood in the town.
My thoughts:
Great book!! Easy to read, you can literally go through chapters in a short time. The book itself showed how corupt the justice system is & how it allowed for criminals to be released to exact revenge!! Even though it's an older book, it was really good!!

MOVIE REVIEW: Music & Lyrics

Music and Lyrics
Here's what says:
2007 PG-13 104 minutes
Has-been pop star Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) gets the comeback chance of a lifetime when teen singing sensation Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) asks him to write a song and record the duet with her. Of course, Alex can't refuse, but he also can't write lyrics to save his life. So he's relieved when quirky writer Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) agrees to help him out -- and pleasantly surprised when their working relationship spawns solid gold.
Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett, Campbell Scott, Billy Griffith, Kristen Johnston, Scott Porter, Zak Orth, Brooke Tansley, Haley Bennett, Matthew Morrison
My thoughts:
What a great movie for music lovers!! It really showed a kinda behind the scenes of what music & song writers do, plus threw in a love story too :) 

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have two favorite colors:

Yellow ~ Thanks to my Gram. When I was a little girl, my Gram was my best friend. She is my mom's mom and she was always there for me. She taught me to save, she taught me to be a friend and a confident. She taught me to be a strong & independant woman too. Because of her love for the color yellow, I always loved it. Now, when I see something yellow, it reminds me of her. Epecially when I see sunshine on a beautiful day!

Blue ~ It's my favorite, mostly because my friends & I created the Blue Team about five years ago. It all began as a joke, because at our job (Wendy's), we all had blue shirts. One night we all wore blue & they jokingly called us the Blue Team. We began to always wear those blue shirts. Because of that color, I gained two of the best friends ever.

Those are my favoites!! What are yours?

MOVIE REVIEW: The Ballad of Jack & Rose

The Ballad of Jack and Rose
Here's what says:
2005 R 112 minutes
Writer-director Rebecca Miller elicits an astounding performance from husband Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays Jack, a father intent on raising his daughter (Camilla Belle) as an environmentally responsible adult. His complete devotion to the cause moves him to the remotest of islands, where he feels he'll be able to lead a more compassionate, "green" life. No matter how he tries, however, he can't seem to run from the demands of human interaction.
My thoughts:
I did not like this movie at all. First off, I thought the movie was about a couple, Jack & Rose. However, it's about a father, Jack & his daughter, Rose. It was really wierd & creepy for me. I didn't like the way it hinted at a sexual or creepy, odd emotional relationship. It was really too odd for me.

MOVIE REVIEW: Children of the Corn II & III

Here's a 2 part movie review: Children of the Corn, Parts II & III

Children of the Corn II ~ 4/5

Here's what says:

A newsman and his son snoop around a Nebraska town where children kill many adults.

My thoughts:

First of all, my nephew is named after the first Children of the Corn, his name is Malakhi. My brother & his girlfriend welcomed their fourth child together, another son. He tried to talk her into the name Mordechi. She did not name her son that, his name is Myles. All I could think throughout the movie was thankfully my brother did not name his child!! Back to the movie, it was pretty good. I liked it, not as good as the first one, but it never is!!

Children of the Corn III ~ 3/5

Here's what says:

After Eli (Daniel Cerny) kills his father, he and his brother, Joshua (Ron Melendez), leave rural Nebraska behind when they're taken in by a Chicago couple. Joshua easily adapts to his new home, but Eli brings his special brand of evil to the city.

My thoughts:
I didn't really like the way they moved it to the city. I liked the movie itself, just not the settings. It wasn't the same as when it's in the corn fields.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: All I Want to Do Is Kill!

All I Want To Do Is Kill (Pinnacle True Crime)
All I want to do is kill ~ 4/5
Here's what says:
October 1, 2007 Pinnacle True Crime
Teenage Lesbian Lovers...Holly Harvey was a Barbie doll beauty. Sandy Ketchum a dark, troubled soul. Fueled by sex, drugs, and obsession, they swore that nothing would ever tear them apart. Even if it meant killing anyone who got in their way...With A Shopping List...A good and decent couple, Holly Harvey's grandparents Carl and Sarah Collier wanted Holly to stop getting high and seeing Sandy. When the teenagers struck, it was with a depraved savagery few investigators had ever seen before. Dozens of deep, bloody stab wounds were found on each body. The Colliers fought for their lives - but never had a chance against their granddaughter's rage.For Murder...Soaked in blood, Holly and Sandy took off in the Colliers' truck. When police arrested them, Holly had a to-do list written in pen on her arm: "Kill, keys, money, jewelry." The girls' lawyers battled furiously for an acquittal. Then it was up to a jury to decide: What price would they finally pay for their love, their rage - and their evil?
My thoughts:
I really enjoyed the writing of the book, it was long, but very detailed. It shared alot of what the girls did before they committed the crime that really truly changed their lives. It was a true crime, which is a subject I love to read about it. I was disappointed to learn that the book ended not in a trial, but a plea agreement for both defendants. Other than the ending, I was impressed with the details & such of the book.

My wish for 2013....

I have begun 2013 wishing for many things in my life........

1. I want a better me! I've decided to swap my 20 oz. Mountain Dews for Diet Coke. I still love my Dew, I just want to be in better shape & health for my family. I chose to start with soda because I drink entirely too much of it!

2. A stronger relationship with my husband. We'll be married for 13 years in 2013, it's time to get our relationship back on track! More time together, plans for the future (we had so many, but somewhere along the way, we quit planning), time alone. I want to start daing my husband again!!

3. Help my children build a better future. I want to start adding more to their savings & to also teach them more about being independant & responsible. I have great kids, they don't need much improvement!!

4. I want to be more organized! Since I have an at home job, I can do it!! I want everything to have a place & to know where anything I need is, when I need it!

5. Stronger family relationships! I want my family to get together more often, spend more time together. I have 2 sisters & 2 brothers. I am super close to one brother, although he is currently incarcerated. The other 3, I am distanced with most of the time. I want the childhood closeness back that we used to have before we became "grown ups"!

6. FRIENDS NIGHTS! My bff's & I decided over New Year's, we want to hang out more! We used to hang out & play cards almost every night, we worked together, so it was much easier! Now, as we enter 2013, we've been bff's for about 6 years! We've decided to spend atleast 1 night per month as a card night! And I can't wait!! :)

So, this year, 2013, I have huge plans! I know you all have too :) Share them if you wanna..........

MOVIE REVIEW: Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers: 5/5
Here's what says:
While her at-risk students are reading classics such as "The Diary of Anne Frank," a young teacher asks them to keep journals about their troubled lives -- hoping they can apply history's lessons to break the cycle of violence and despair.

My thoughts:
I just LOVED this movie!! I can't believe it took me 5 years to watch it!! I really enjoyed the diversity & all the real life issues some kids face in different areas of the United States. Gangs are real, poverty is real, the afflictions were real! Hilary Swank was amazing as the teacher, it makes you appreciate the real teachers out there who really go above & beyond for their kids to learn. A really wonderful teacher gets a second and third job to buy the supplies she needs to teach her kids. I am truly inspired by this movie!