Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: A Long Time to Hate

A Long Time to Hate
This book didn't have any description on Amazon, so here's mine:
California didn't have very strict laws, Life in Prison meant 7 1/2 years for the killer/rapist in this book. He killed a young man, 18 years old & brutally attacked & raped two girls with him. The girls testified against him, he got life in prison & got out after he served the years he had. He went back to where he'd killed them, after those who'd helped put him away. After killing a man for his car, raping & killing another woman, viciously attacking & almost killed a young man, locking an elderly man in a basement, he made it back to the original town. He then killed the judge & his wife, narrowly missed an elderly juror & kidnapped one of the women he originally raped, the other woman's son & a neighbor. All this during a flash flood in the town.
My thoughts:
Great book!! Easy to read, you can literally go through chapters in a short time. The book itself showed how corupt the justice system is & how it allowed for criminals to be released to exact revenge!! Even though it's an older book, it was really good!!

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