Thursday, January 3, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: All I Want to Do Is Kill!

All I Want To Do Is Kill (Pinnacle True Crime)
All I want to do is kill ~ 4/5
Here's what says:
October 1, 2007 Pinnacle True Crime
Teenage Lesbian Lovers...Holly Harvey was a Barbie doll beauty. Sandy Ketchum a dark, troubled soul. Fueled by sex, drugs, and obsession, they swore that nothing would ever tear them apart. Even if it meant killing anyone who got in their way...With A Shopping List...A good and decent couple, Holly Harvey's grandparents Carl and Sarah Collier wanted Holly to stop getting high and seeing Sandy. When the teenagers struck, it was with a depraved savagery few investigators had ever seen before. Dozens of deep, bloody stab wounds were found on each body. The Colliers fought for their lives - but never had a chance against their granddaughter's rage.For Murder...Soaked in blood, Holly and Sandy took off in the Colliers' truck. When police arrested them, Holly had a to-do list written in pen on her arm: "Kill, keys, money, jewelry." The girls' lawyers battled furiously for an acquittal. Then it was up to a jury to decide: What price would they finally pay for their love, their rage - and their evil?
My thoughts:
I really enjoyed the writing of the book, it was long, but very detailed. It shared alot of what the girls did before they committed the crime that really truly changed their lives. It was a true crime, which is a subject I love to read about it. I was disappointed to learn that the book ended not in a trial, but a plea agreement for both defendants. Other than the ending, I was impressed with the details & such of the book.

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