Monday, September 19, 2011

Educational Insights Dino Digs Velociraptors review and giveaway ends 9-23

Hey everyone, looking for some fun, educational activities for you & your kids?

Check these out:
Looks like a great idea to me!! It's even a giveaway!! Good Luck :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Congrats to MELISSA P!!!

She won the Lay's Contest!!

Thanks to everyone who commented!! Hoping to have another giveaway soon!!


Enter the contest to try to win Theo "God's Love" dvd. I am trying to win too!! I'd love to have this for use in my Sunday School class!

Friday, September 2, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: The Babysitters

The Babysitters


Here's what says:

The Babysitters

2007 R 88 minutes

When honors high school student Shirley (Katherine Waterston) becomes romantically entangled with Michael (John Leguizamo), the married father of one of her baby-sitting clients, she quickly recognizes the affair's potential for turning a profit. The enterprising Shirley soon sets up a teenage prostitution ring made up of school chums who she matches up with Michael's bored married friends, all under the guise of baby-sitting.

My thoughts:

She's a bright girl, who uses her smarts for evil. The men are easily brought into the picture because as always men think with their head between the legs! The movie was pretty much a waste of time, no real plot to it. I didn't like it.

MOVIE REVIEW: Masters of Horror: John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns

Masters of Horror: John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns


Here's what says:

Masters of Horror: John Carpenter: Cigarette Burns

2006 NR 58 minutes

Hired by a millionaire collector (Udo Kier) to retrieve the infamous Le Fin du Monde -- a violent movie that reportedly causes viewers to turn into homicidal maniacs after they watch it -- an unsuspecting theater owner (Norman Reedus) begins to fall under the film's spell. John Carpenter directs this unsettling installment of the "Masters of Horror" series, following one man's search for the holy grail of horror cinema.

My thoughts:
This movie was difficult to follow at first. There was a creature chained up and an old movie collector requesting an old film for $2oo,ooo. It was good offer for the guy, but everything seemed mashed together & nothing made sense until the end. Then the ending was surprising and brutal. It was worth watching once.


The Burning


Here's what says:

The Burning

1981 R 91 minutes

Years after a summer camp janitor (Lou David) is severely burned and disfigured as the result of a teenage prank gone awry, he's released from the local insane asylum and returns to the scene of the crime to seek revenge against those who harmed him. Several yet-to-be-famous stars pop up in this classic teen horror flick, including Oscar winner Holly Hunter and Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld."

My thoughts:

It was typical 80's campy horror movie. People were killed at typical points: trying to get away, sneaking off to have sex, running off alone. It was predictable, but still had it's own story line. If you like 80's horror slasher movies, check this out. It's atleast a decent flick with a little comedy. Enjoy Jason Alexander when he was much younger and had alot more hair!!