Monday, July 25, 2011

It's another hot one....

Got up early and my friend didn't even get ahold of me :( ~ Then, I relaxed all day, got an order in the mail & a prize I won!! Love getting packages I forget I'm expecting!!

Did a little cleaning of the kitchen & the living room floor. Dinner with my hubby & the kids, my nieces & nephew are over for the night. It's like a weekend for us. Monday til Wednesday!! :)

My godson is over for a little bit too, he missed me!! :)

Time for WWE :) Enjoy your night friends!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Should have been a relaxing Sunday........

....but it wasn't, so what can you do?

Started out well, got up for church and got ready. Kids were up, ready and had already put the dog out before I made my way downstairs. Good job kids :)

Sunday school was wonderful at first. My brother & his girlfriend showed up, arguing as always. My brother ended up leaving, but not before he threatened to punch out her car window in front of everyone. Ugh, my dumb brother!!

After he left, it went back to being a good service. I had 7 children in my Sunday School class, ranging from 1-5. After that, church service, which also went well.

Came home to get lunch ready. I had taco meat & cheese w/ nachos. The kids had noodles, their faves!!

Cleaned out the fridge while they did chores. Day was still going pretty good. Made Kool-aid, checked e-mails, sent invites for surveys & stuff. Still going well.

Time to do dishes & start dinner. Starts off well, I get most of the dishes from cleaning out the fridge & lunch done. I realize the sink is leaking. There is water & noodles all over the floor under the sink. Top this off with my husband is working late. Scheduled til 5, doesn't get home til almost 8.

When he gets home, I tell him about sink issue. He says he'll fix it after dinner. I go to check dinner, which is hamburger helper. Have I told you yet that I can't make hamburger helper for my life? I burnt the bottom, fine, I'll get new pan & finish cooking. Yeah, hamburger helper hates me!! I go to get out milk to make cheesy sauce for on top, guess 10 year old drank the last of the milk & didn't tell me.

We don't drive, it's Sunday and no buses. So, we have NO MILK, can't finish dinner. So, I scraped what was good into a tupperware & they all have to make their own dinner. Tv dinners or leftovers. Me, I had a brownie. Yum!!

Fun, Free Stuff :) And, Great Bonding Time too!!

Today was Saturday, also a Lowe's Build and Grow Project Day. My 10 year old has enjoyed these for the past few years. It's a great Father/Son activity. Moms, push for your husbands/SO's to take them. If they don't have a father figure, take them!! It's also great bonding for an uncle or grandfather too.

Today they made BINOCULARS!! My husband's schedule changed, so he isn't able to take him anymore. So, for the past 2 projects, I have taken him. I think it's a wonderful idea! He LOVES it!! And, he's inspired to try other projects. He wants to build a bird house lol LOVE it!! Highly recommend these!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Hot Day!!

It's another hot day here! It began at 6:15 am for me, so sticky hot we had to sit on the porch for our morning start.

The kids are choosing different ways to cool off. My almost 13 year old spent the day in her room in front of the fan watching movies. My 10 year old on the other hand, spent his day cooling off at the local pool! Our $40 pool pass was a WONDERFUL investment!!

Tonight's Plans:
Catching up on America's Got Talent & WWE Smackdown @ 8!!

Oh yeah, yesterday's errands were a success! I even got a Christmas gift for my 10 year old!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freebies 7/21

Garnier Nuctris Dandruff Shampoo Sample:

Lung Cancer Detection Kit:

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Changes & Plans ~ 7/21

Today, I have decided to try to be a better blogger. I try to post good things on here, but I never have time to post daily & sometimes I don't post for a while. Today, I change that :)

My plans for today are:

Errands ~
1. Appointment with Work Force
2. Dollar Store to pick up dog food & maxi pads
3. Goodwill, hope I get some great deals!!
4. Post office, 3 packages to mail!

Then tonight, my wonderful husband is taking our children swimming. Which means, I get a nice break :) Can't wait!!

If only it wasn't so freakin hot here!!


Nine Dead ~ 4/5

Here's what says:
Nine Dead(2009) R

Nine strangers face the mind-bender of a lifetime when a hooded madman locks them in a basement and announces that he will slay one of them every 10 minutes until they uncover the mysterious connection they all share. But starting without a single clue, can any of them solve the puzzle in less than 90 minutes? This horror-suspense film from director Chris Shadley stars Melissa Joan Hart, John Terry and Lucille Soong.

My thoughts:

It was like Saw, but with a twist. The bad guy was around, he came in and spoke to them. I didn't think three people would be left when they figured it out. Melissa Joan Hart, she was WONDERFUL!! She was believable and she was a KILLER!! Not the one holding them captive, but still!! And the ending, it started by blowing me away. I was shocked, then when it ended, it was like, that was all?? How could it leave everything in suspense?

MOVIE REVIEW: The Roommate

The Roommate ~ 5/5

Here's what says:
2011 PG-13 91 minutes

While acclimating to campus life, college freshman Sara (Minka Kelly) begins to realize that her new roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester), is becoming obsessed with her. When the unhinged Rebecca starts targeting Sara's friends and loved ones, can she save them -- and herself? This tense psychological thriller also stars Cam Gigandet, Danneel Harris, Alyson Michalka and Frances Fisher.

My thoughts:

Great movie, Leighton Meester was FABULOUS!! She really did a wonderful job portraying such a crazy roommate!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Bolt Energy Sample:

Summer Crafts for Kids E-Book:

2 Free Economy Stickers:

Free Bottle of Gain:

Free WWE poster:

Beech-Nut Starter Kit:

Beech-Nut Stage 4 Kit:

Hugo Sample:

VPlenish Sample:

TNT Fireworks Club Fun Pack:

EIB Active Kit w/ Inhaler Pouch:

To get a FREE Elmo DVD For Me For You For Later Kit. Call at 1-877-762-4769

Fiber Choice Sample:


Tornado ~ 2/5

Here's what says:
TornadoNature Unleashed: Tornado(2004) PG-13

Years after his brother is killed in a tornado, Josh feels compelled to capture the violent storms on film. He teams up with Nickie, a reporter researching new meteorological technologies, and the pair set out to get the story of a lifetime. But Nickie's also investigating another dangerous story, and Josh ends up running for his life from vengeful terrorists and a killer tornado. Daniel Bernhardt, Allister Bain and Larry Day star.

My thoughts:

First off, the boy calls the guy at the beginning dad. So I don't get why they say brother? The movie was kinda boring, not very gripping or exciting. It was just ok.

MOVIE REVIEW: Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights ~ 4/5

Here's what says:
2006 R 80 minutes

When six childhood friends gather for an old pal's funeral, they find a map leading to a time capsule they buried two decades ago. But the former playmates discover a shocking secret when they dig it up: the corpse of a young child. Now, they're literally haunted by their past as they try to uncover the truth … before it kills them. Traci Lords, Frank Whaley and Gabrielle Anwar star in this creepy spine chiller.

My thoughts:

Sort of creepy, it was a sad story that they could have prevented. They didn't, so this haunted them.

MOVIEW REVIEW: The Rockville Slayer

The Rockville Slayer ~ 4/5

Here's what says:
The Rockville Slayer(2004) R

A lonely deputy named Charlie Fisher (Circus-Szalewski) is about to have his predictable world turned on its ear when a series of multiple murders -- involving Charlie's brother as one of the victims -- rocks the foundation of his small town. It seems that the last random murders happened 29 years before. Could this violence be part of a pattern?

My thoughts:

The storyline was sorta hard to follow. The murders at the beginning had NOTHING to do with the murders that occurred 20 years before. And there was a random man at the end that I never did figure out who he was? It was ok, but just random. Not a easy to follow storyline.


Pelt ~ 4/5

Here's what says:
(2010) NR

In 1991, seven hikers (Justin Welborn, Ashley Watkins, Travis Goodman, Matthew Robinson, Amber Bollinger, Sarah Zurell and Ryan Boone) embarked on a thrill-seeking adventure through the woods of Caveland, Ky., despite locals' warnings that only fools would dare to trespass there. Maybe they should have listened. Because shortly thereafter they left civilization and were never seen or heard from again.

My thoughts:

Good movie, like alot of slasher films. Same theme, same basic storyline, just different characters. It's good if you like these type movies, but if you don't like copies, you probably won't like it.


Just Go With It ~ 5/5

Here's what says:
2011 PG-13 116 minutes

When plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee lies to his girlfriend that he is a divorced family man, he recruits his office manager and her children to role-play as his ex-wife and kids -- generating a flood of farcical results and unintended consequences.

My thoughts:

Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler are HILARIOUS!! I enjoyed this more than any other movie with either of them. They compliment each other & the storyline was great! I would watch it again & again!