Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing!!

Do any of you Extreme Coupon? I wish I could get into it more!! I like to do it, I am always looking for the deals & the printables ~ I just need more time to do it. The tv show amazes me, those people have no time for anything else!! I wish I had half the time to put into it that they do. The best I have done so far was getting a $300 order down to $$198. I am working on it though & planning to get tons more for free!! Share your tips by leaving me a comment!

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To get 40 FREE Recycle Bank Points click choose a room on the bottom right side of the page. Select the yard, then click the [+] plus signs and follow the steps and you will get your points! If you are not a RecycleBank Member you can sign up Here for FREE

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The life & loves of PAMELA ANDERSON ~ 4/5

Here's the product description from

Pamela Anderson always had big things in front of her. As a young girl from British Columbia, she grew up amidst alcoholism and abuse and survived rape to become the Bounciest babe on the Baywatch beach and an accidental porn Star -- redefining the concept of the blonde bombshell for the 21st century. But her fame and fortune has come with a price. There have been drastic plastic surgeries, a shocking love life, domestic violence in her marriage to Motley Crue's drummer Tommy Lee, their infamous XXX rated home video, a vicious divorce, and a nasty battle for the custody of their two young Sons. Now Pamela Anderson faces the biggest trial of her life -- fighting the deadly liver disease Hepatitis C. An unnatural beauty and born survivor, Pamela Anderson has graced a record number of Playboy covers over the past decade, but as this book reveals, there is far more strength and sorrow to this sizzling superstar than just what meets the eye.

My thoughts:

I really learned alot about Pamela Anderson from this book. I didn't know she had posed for Playboy for so long. I also didn't know she was romantically involved with Scott Baio or Bret Michaels. She went through alot in her life & for her to finally have love & be able to live her life with no one telling her what to do is the best thing I could have read in that book!

BOOK REVIEW: If I Should Die Before I Wake

If I Should Die Before I Wake ~ by Han Nolan ~ 5/5

Here's what I found on

From School Library Journal
Grade 7-12-Hilary Burke, a young Neo-Nazi, is in a coma after a motorcycle accident. Ironically, she has been taken to a Jewish hospital and shares a room with elderly Chana, an Auschwitz survivor. Instrumental in the kidnapping of her 13-year-old Jewish neighbor, Hilary hates all Jews and believes one caused her father's death. Through Chana's memories, the girl is transported back to World War II, experiencing for herself the horrors suffered by Polish Jews just trying to survive, first in the Lodz ghetto, then in the concentration camp. While the subject matter is certainly compelling, this first novel is not as powerful as Jane Yolen's The Devil's Arithmetic (Viking, 1988) or as chilling as Jay Bennett's Skinhead (Watts, 1991). Nolan does a better job of portraying Chana than Hilary or her Bible-quoting mother, but Mrs. Burke's dysfunctional personality and Hilary's problems with her are clear. Interspersed are Biblical passages that are sometimes appropriate to the text, but often unnecessary and distracting. The ending is predictable and soppy: Chana dies leaving an album full of family photos to Hilary. Stick to the numerous, excellent-quality, existing examples of Holocaust literature.Jo-Anne Weinberg, Greenburgh Public Library, NYCopyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

My thoughts:

I was intrigued by this book. I enjoyed learning about the Nazi's and some of what they did to the Jews back then. Some of the things were horrible & terrible. I couldn't get my attention off that book. When I tried to put it down, I was so curious to know what happened next. I just had to pick it back up!!


Amusement ~ 3/5

Here's what says:

Amusement2008 R 84 minutes
While being interrogated by a police psychiatrist, the near-catatonic Tabitha (Katheryn Winnick) tries to explain why she and two of her childhood friends (Laura Breckenridge and Jessica Lucas) are being hunted by a serial killer. The truth that's dying to come out weaves together three tragic secrets from their past. Keir O'Donnell and Tad Hilgenbrinck co-star as two of the girls' boyfriends who become unwitting targets in their deadly game.

My thoughts:

The movie started off with one gruesome killing spree, then skipped to another, then one last one. Then it took the time to piece it all together. I was confused so much through the beginning that the ending wasn't worth it.


Ted Bundy ~ 3/5

Here's what says:
Ted Bundy(Bundy: A Legacy of Evil) 2008 R 95 minutes
Based on the true story of Ted Bundy (Corin Nemec), the serial killer who horrified America in the 1970s by slaughtering women across the country, this drama traces the life of the "charming" psychopath. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, Bundy goes on a four-year killing spree. He escapes twice from custody before his final capture and eventual execution. Kane Hodder co-stars as a prison warden.

My thoughts:

I thought this movie was ok, didn't show me much into what he was really like as a murderer. I knew parts of his story from reading my dad's old crime magazines, so it didn't fit as much as I thought it should.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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REVIEW: M.A.Z.E. Cord Blood Banking & GIVEAWAY!!

Have you ever thought about banking your child's cord blood? It can be a life saving action in the future. M.A.Z.E. Cord Blood Banking makes this process much easier to afford. They give many valuable tips and helpful information on thier website: M.A.Z.E. offers no additional storage fees and nationwide delivery. They also give you comparisons of the top known cord blood banking places: It compares not only pricing and long term storage fees, but regulations, physician assistance and the way the cord blood is stored. Baby John's Story ~ It's positive proof of how cord blood can be used in the future to help your child. Follow on social networks: M.A.Z.E. Cord Blood on FACEBOOK M.A.Z.E. Cord Blood on TWITTER I just wish I would have been more aware of this when my children were smaller. I hope to look further into this precess when I have more children. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant and are interested, leave a comment on this post to be entered into a drawing for a $100 Cord Blood Banking Coupon. If you like M.A.Z.E. on Facebook, you'll receive a second entry. For following on Twitter, you can earn a third entry. Just leave a post of each one. If you like on Facebook or follow on Twitter, leave your Id for there please! Tell all your friends who are pregnant mommies too! Drawing ends on May 1st!!

MOVIE REVIEW: The Human Centipede: First Sequence

The Human Centipede: First Sequence ~ 3/5 Here's what says: 2009 UR 91 minutes After their car breaks down while in Germany, Americans Lindsay (Ashley C. Williams) and Jenny (Ashlynn Yennie) wind up at a remote villa -- and soon find themselves trapped in a nightmare. Dr. Josef Heiter (Dieter Laser) kidnaps them for his demented experiment to create a human "centipede." The plan includes removing their kneecaps so they must walk on all fours, then surgically connecting them to a Japanese man to create a bizarre human chain. My thoughts: This movie was sick!! It was ok, but some parts were just sick!!

BOOK REVIEW: Smokin' Six-Shooter

Smokin' Six-Shooter ~ 4/5 Here's what says: Russell Corbett was all cowboy and wasn't about to let a lady lasso him! But Dulcie Hughes had him tied up in knots from the moment she nearly collided with his combine. She rode into town with her fancy rental car and city clothes to claim her secret inheritance. And neither tall tale nor handsome rancher would deter her from exposing a years-old cover-up at the Beaumont property. She expected to find answers, not fall in love. But like the threatening thunderhead on the horizon, the truth would come fast and fierce, and there would be no escaping the consequences. My thoughts: It was a very good, intriguing book. I thought I had the whole book figured out on page 48. By the time I got to page 53, they had already given me another twist making what I thought to be the ending something different. Love books like this!!

BOOK REVIEW: Her Best Friend

Her Best Friend ~ 4/5 Here's what says: What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to someone else? She gets over it. That's what Amy Parker has done. Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed, crazy confession of affection, she's taken the smart route. She's eased away from him. Just enough to get past the unrequited bits. And you know, it's working.Until the day Quinn announces he's now single. That's right. He's single. And he wants to hang out. With her. Get reconnected the way they used to be.Oh, this is so not good for Amy's equilibrium. Daily doses of Quinn remind her of everything she loves about him. But if he's free...and she's free...well, maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions. My thoughts: It's the classic love storyline, girl and boy begin as friends, girl falls in love. She doesn't tell him since he is about to marry thier other friend. Later in life, after she's put the love for him away & locked it up, he comes home to help her with her dream. When she finds out he's getting divorced, she decides to give thier love a chance. Very good book!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

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Thursday, April 7, 2011



When I became a Purex Insider, I didn't know how well I would like the products. I figured I would try them and then maybe find something I really love. Well, the first product they sent me is now my FAVORITE fabric softener.

New Purex Complete Crystals Softener is
Wondering how Crystals work as a fabric softener? Here's how:

It's very simple to use. First you begin your laundry, adding the amount of Crystals as directed on the cap. Add them with your laundry detergent, right in with your clothes. Then let your clothes wash as normal. The scent has time to soak into your laundry since it is in with your clothes longer. It disolves by the time your washer finishes washing. Then the freshness and lasting scent linger on your clothes until you wear them.

Not only is it simple to use, smells wonderful and lasts a long time!

Here's everything you need to know:
Since I am so happy with it, I hope you'll atleast give it a try! It make laundry time so much simpler! Can't all moms use a product that makes life easier??

MOVIE REVIEW: The Chaperone

The Chaperone ~ 5/5

Here's what says:

The Chaperone 2011 PG-13 103 minutes After serving time in the slammer for driving the getaway car in an attempted bank robbery, Ray Bradstone (professional wrestling star Paul Levesque -- better known as Triple H) is a reformed family man who wants to chaperone his daughter's class trip. But some bad guys (Kevin Corrigan and Kevin Rankin) from his past have other plans. Can Ray outwit these nitwits while keeping himself and his daughter (Ariel Winter) safe from harm?

My thoughts:

This movie was a very cute movie! It has the right amount of drama, action & a little comedy too! Loved it!!


Evil Weed ~ 1/5

Here's what says:

Evil Weed 2009 NR 70 minutes Sisters Emily (Brianna Barnes) and Danielle (Genevieve Hudson-Price) invite friends to their parents' house in the Hamptons for a weekend, and everything's going well until the partiers smoke some tainted marijuana that turns the dream holiday into a nightmare in this gory horror flick. As some members of the group experience a violent reaction to the weed, the others find themselves in a horrific fight for their lives.

My thoughts:

This movie was nothing like what I thought it was going to be. I don't understand how smoking weed can turn you into a vicious monster who rips apart your friends. Not that interested in EVER watching it again!

MOVIE REVIEW: Razortooth

Razortooth ~ 3/5

Here's what says:

Razortooth 2006 R 90 minutes When four college students trek to the Everglades to conduct extra-credit research for their biology professor, they become prey to a huge man-eating eel with nasty incisors that's been terrorizing a nearby Florida community. As they try to kill the bloodthirsty beast with the help of a few local residents, the kids uncover their professor's true motive for sending them to the swamp. Patricia Harrington directs this chilling horror flick.

My thoughts:

Starts off similar to every movie about something killing people that can only be explained by a scientist or the person who created it. It is an ok horror movie, it has the gore scenes. Now, a few scenes that disturbed me were the ones that started as a horror movie shot then changed to a scene from an old black & white horror movie. I hated how fake they looked!!

DVD REVIEW: WWE Top 50 Superstars of All Time

WWE Top 50 Superstars of All Time ~ 4/5

Here's what says:

WWE: Top 50 Superstars of All Time 2010 NR 146 minutes The WWE selects the 50 most celebrated wrestling superstars, spanning across generations from classic greats like Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin to contemporary favorites like Big Show, John Cena and Randy Orton. The program showcases highlights from these influential wrestlers' careers, and features insider commentary on the industry's history and the memorable contributions these individuals have made to the sport.

My thoughts:

Loved this countdown, #1 completely deserves it all :) Was disappointed that Randy Orton was so far down on the list, #29 For real???

MOVIE REVIEW: From Paris With Love

From Paris With Love ~ 5/5

Here's what says:

From Paris with Love 2009 R 92 minutes While working at the American embassy in Paris, low-level intelligence agent James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) gets involved in espionage when he's pulled into a terrorist plot by high-ranking but uncouth American operative Charlie Wax (John Travolta), who's trying to stop it. Pierre Morel directs this fast-paced international thriller with a script by Luc Besson (The Professional, The Fifth Element) and Adi Hasak. Richard Durden also stars.

My thoughts:

First off, I have been a John Travolta fan since GREASE :) Love him to death!! I absolutely loved him in this movie too! He gets the job done & he's super good at it! I love the fight scenes where he just knocks people around!!

MOVIE REVIEW: Tales from the Hood

Tales from the Hood ~ 3/5

Here's what says:

Tales From the Hood 1995 R 97 minutes In an experience more frightening than their worst nightmares, three friends tour a funeral home with a creepy mortician (Clarence Williams III) in this Spike Lee-produced horror anthology. Along the way, they hear a story about each of the corpses. From cops turned bad to a child with uncanny powers, a bigoted politician tormented by voodoo dolls and a drug dealer who undergoes sensory rehab, all of the spooky tales have racial implications.

My thoughts:

It was ok, it reminded me of Tales from the Crypt alot! My favorite version was about the Monster. It's worth watching if you are a fan of TFTC.


The Crazies ~ 4/5

Here's what says:

The Crazies 2009 R 100 minutes When a plane crashes in a small town, a secret biological weapon is released. As the toxic substance infiltrates the local water system, some residents become gravely ill, while others descend into homicidal madness. Sheriff David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) attempts to set things straight, but soon the military becomes involved in containing the killer virus. Breck Eisner directs this chilling remake of George A. Romero's 1973 horror classic.

My thoughts:

It was a pretty good movie. Makes you really think about what you would do if something like this happens to your town, even your family. Would your husband face these things happening to him if you were taken away?

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