Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Her Best Friend

Her Best Friend ~ 4/5 Here's what says: What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to someone else? She gets over it. That's what Amy Parker has done. Rather than lose her best bud Quinn Whitfield with an ill-timed, crazy confession of affection, she's taken the smart route. She's eased away from him. Just enough to get past the unrequited bits. And you know, it's working.Until the day Quinn announces he's now single. That's right. He's single. And he wants to hang out. With her. Get reconnected the way they used to be.Oh, this is so not good for Amy's equilibrium. Daily doses of Quinn remind her of everything she loves about him. But if he's free...and she's free...well, maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions. My thoughts: It's the classic love storyline, girl and boy begin as friends, girl falls in love. She doesn't tell him since he is about to marry thier other friend. Later in life, after she's put the love for him away & locked it up, he comes home to help her with her dream. When she finds out he's getting divorced, she decides to give thier love a chance. Very good book!

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