Thursday, April 21, 2011


The life & loves of PAMELA ANDERSON ~ 4/5

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Pamela Anderson always had big things in front of her. As a young girl from British Columbia, she grew up amidst alcoholism and abuse and survived rape to become the Bounciest babe on the Baywatch beach and an accidental porn Star -- redefining the concept of the blonde bombshell for the 21st century. But her fame and fortune has come with a price. There have been drastic plastic surgeries, a shocking love life, domestic violence in her marriage to Motley Crue's drummer Tommy Lee, their infamous XXX rated home video, a vicious divorce, and a nasty battle for the custody of their two young Sons. Now Pamela Anderson faces the biggest trial of her life -- fighting the deadly liver disease Hepatitis C. An unnatural beauty and born survivor, Pamela Anderson has graced a record number of Playboy covers over the past decade, but as this book reveals, there is far more strength and sorrow to this sizzling superstar than just what meets the eye.

My thoughts:

I really learned alot about Pamela Anderson from this book. I didn't know she had posed for Playboy for so long. I also didn't know she was romantically involved with Scott Baio or Bret Michaels. She went through alot in her life & for her to finally have love & be able to live her life with no one telling her what to do is the best thing I could have read in that book!

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