Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The movie starts off with a little girl & her mother in the subway, 2 young men rob then shoot her in from of her daughter. The little girls father arrives & it turns out he's a cop. Flash forward about 10 years, a man named Tyler, is sitting outside his apartment in New York City, drinking a beer & smoking a cigarette. He rushes out the door to meet up with his family at a cemetary. They gather to remember his brother who has passed away. Later, he is out with his room mate & they meet two girls & are drinking then walking through an alley, they come upon a fight & Tyler interfers. When the police arrive, everyone is arrested, the two girls tell the police he didn't do anything & he & his room mate are released. He trys to tell the cop (who happens to be the girl from the beginning of the movie's father) that the other two were just crossing the street, this leads to a confrontation & the father slams Tyler against the car. After being released from jail, Tyler & his room mate Aiden leave in seperate directions. Tyler has a little sister, who he just adores, he is through out the movie going after thier father (who is divorced from thier mother after his brother's tragic suicide) for not being around when she needs him. Aiden finds out the cops daughter Ally goes to thier school & talks Tyler into meeting her. She agrees to go out with him, which quickly escalates into a whirlwind romance. When Ally leaves home, her father finds her & confronts Tyler. Ally finds out the truth about WHY Tyler met her & she takes off. Aiden goes to Ally & tells her that even after what happened, Tyler cares about her, that the only other girl who he's even cared about is his little sister. When Tyler's little sister is bullied & picked on, Ally comes to comfort her too. Tyler's father FINALLY comes to & decides to be there for his daughter. He sends Tyler to his office to talk about Tyler's court case while he takes the little girl to school. When she arrives at school, the date is written on the chalkboard ~ it's SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001. Tyler is in his father's office in the World Trade Center. His family is shown running outside, seeing the ash fall, the smoke & knowing thier lives are forever changed.
This movie showed that every day is a blessing, you must cherish each & every moment because you never know when or how your loved ones will be taken from you. I cried as soon as I saw the chalkboard!! Sad, sad movie!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Back in July, I posted a contest, all you had to do was guess how many free items I had gotten, below are photos of the items I got.

I received 30 freebies in the mail between July 1st & July 31st. This makes our winner:
pam stinnett

Congrats Pam!!

Some of the items I got were:

Army National Guard Notepad & Wallet, Sun-Maid Cookbook, stickers, bird seed:

Other items were: All laundry detergent, Dentyne Pure, Oats for Dogs, Beef Stick, Nivea lotion, Playtex tampons, Chex Mix, International Coffee, Always Maxi Pads, Dove Shampoo & Conditioner, Address Labels, Purina One & Much more:

Friday, August 20, 2010


Here are a few videos from some of the top Male Vocalists in Country Music today & my opinions on them! If you'd like to share your opinion with me, just send me a comment!
Toby Keith - Trailerhood ~ 5/5
I absolutely LOVE this video!! It fits the song perfect, it makes so much sense & pretty much everyone knows someone who lives in or grew up in this kind of neighborhood! Toby Kieth has such meaningful videos, he really knows how to put them into perspective!
Trace Adkins ~ This Ain't No Love Song ~ 5/5
As most know, I am a HUGE Trace Adkins fan, I am ALWAYS a fan of his videos! My only request is can we get him half naked in the bed too???
Brad Paisley ~ Water ~ 5/5
Another hit for Brad!! He makes everything down home & real, I really like his work!! My brother thinks when his career is finished, he'll be the greatest country artist EVER!! I wasn't so sure, but he does do it well!!
Craig Morgan ~ This Ain't Nothin ~ 5/5
This song is a very heartfelt, emotional song!! It puts that message out once again that there are things more important that THINGS! That loosing our wife or father or brother or best friend or even our own hand is a harder thing to go through than our house being totalled by a tornado. That we need to appreciate the people we have because we never know when they will be taken. Stuff can be replaced, people can't!
Rodney Atkins ~ Farmer's Daughter ~ 5/5
I really like this song & video! Video fits well, very cute! I love that he has his wife in the video too ~ makes it so much cuter!!


Everyone loves Valentine's Day, how can you not love a holiday where you show your love to the special people in your life? Well, many people HATE this holiday, maybe because they no longer have the one they love (death, divorce, seperation) or they haven't found that special someone just yet or maybe because they are lonely in this world with no friends or family. In this movie, a star studded cast shows the many types of love: friends who fall in love, the scorned lover, the couple who breaks up because it just isn't right, high school love, new love, adoration of a teacher by a young boy, virgin love, affairs, the love of a mother for her child.
Let's talk about each one:
The Couple who breaks up because it just isn't right: Ashton Kutcher & Jessica Alba start out as a couple who gets engaged on Valentine's Day, within a few hours, she has packed all she has & is leaving, saying she isn't sure this is right & that she cares about him, but isn't the one for him. Starting Valentine's Day with an engagement & ending it alone, so sad.
Affairs: Jennifer Garner plays Ashton's character's best friend, they have known each other forever. Her boyfriend, a successful doctor is "out of town for surgery" on Valentine's Day. Her best friend talks her into surprising her flame for Valentine's Day, unknowing that later, he will purchase flowers for her & his WIFE. He trys to stop his best friend, with some funny antics at the airport. She insists on going anyway & ends up confronting her boyfriend during his dinner with his wife.
New Love: Anne Hathaway gives a great performance as a office girl who moonlights as a sex phone operator. Her new boyfriend likes her, but when he finds out her side profession, he isn't sure. He finds a way past it & accepts his new girl.
High School Flames: The Taylors fit this PERFECTLY, they made this very believable!! I laughed many times at thier jokes & thier stereo types. I don't think any two actors could have done this better!
Teacher Love: A young boy who lives with his grandparents takes special time to create a lovely card & orders flowers for his crush. He insists on making sure that she knows he LOVES her on Valentine's Day. When the flower shop doesn't make his delivery on time, he insists on seeing to it.
Virgin Love: The high school couple (friends of the Taylors characters) decide that Valentine's Day is the day they wish to loose thier virginity. They go through special preparations & agree to meet at her house during lunch. The boyfriend arrives first & is suprised while playing the guitar naked by her mother! How awful!!
Friendship Love: After everything they go through in the movie, Ashton & Jennifer's characters take the whole movie to realize thier in love, just after she shows the boy from her class how sometimes the person you love is right in front of you, you just aren't looking in the right place. His classmate, a good friend, ends up getting his love on Valentine's Day.
And, the best of all, the Love of a Mother for her son:
Julia Roberts spends her time in this movie on a plane, as a US soldier heading home on a 14 hour flight for a day to spend with the one she loves. She never hints that it isn't a lover, she just says how she can't wait to see him. She meets a man on the plane who helps her out with a ride home & an ear to listen, he leaves her thinking she is off to meet a boyfriend or husband. In reality, she is a mother, who takes the this opportunity, 28 hours on a plane, just to spend 1 day with her young son.
This movie shows all the sides of love, the good & the bad. Great movie!!



Going into this movie, I expected a movie based on the comic strip. Not necessarily exactly what goes on in the comic strip, but atleast something along the lines of a big clumsy dog who digs holes everywhere & gets into trouble chasing cars or taking from the neighbors. What we got wasn't that, but it was still a cute movie. Marmaduke's family has moved, he misses his old home & friends, so does his human family. Marmaduke meets a female dog at the dog park his owner's boss owns/visits. Only problem is, the dog is spoken for. After a heated debate, Marmaduke decides to show this dog what he's made of by faking a fight with a cat so everyone thinks he's the big bad dog of the neighborhood. He realizes too late that he's trying to fit in where he doesn't belong & that no one is his friend because of him, but because of a persona that he has put on. In the end, he saves the day, gets the girl & all's well that ends well.

SAHM: Tips for Being Frivolous Part 1

As a STAY AT HOME MOM or SAHM for short, unless your husband makes thousands of dollars a week, you are almost always strapped for money or budgeting. You are always looking to saving tons of money, or atleast enough to pay for vet bills, dr co-pay or any other little expense that pops up unexpectedly. For instance, back in July, we spent almost $350 paying for our kitten's vet/animal hospital visit. When you are a SAHM, you are already on a budget & you already have to scrimp & save for birthdays, Christmas gifts, school clothes/supplies, Halloween costumes & anything else you want or need. This blog will start a series of blobs that will be posted within the next few weeks, keep an eye out for each one to learn how we use the entire year to afford Christmas. How scrimping & saving allows me to continue being a SAHM & still give my kids a nice life. Keep reading to find out what works in our house & what we do to save, tips, ideas & lots more!
On-line Money Earning Opportunitys:
I am signed up at Pinecone Research taking surveys. This pays $3 per survey, not much, but for 15 or 20 minutes of your time, it's worth it. On average, it's $9-$12 per month unless I am invited to do an extended survey worth $10. In our household, this money is used to fund the kid's bank accounts, it's not much, but by the time they go to college, it could add up to an extra $100 toward thier education. Other things you may want to use this money for is: Netflix (they have subscriptions for less than $10 a month), purchase a $10 gift card (great way to tip mailman, newspaper person or for a teacher, friend, unexpected gift exchange or start saving Christmas shopping money on there (you can add the money & if you see a clearance item or good deal, you can use your card to purchase and pack it away for Christmas). If you choose the Christmas option, just think, $9 a month for 12 months is $108.
Inbox dollars is an e-mail reading program, they award you 2 cents per e-mail you read (by clicking the link inside & verifying by clicking the link at the site). They also offer a varity of ways to earn more money: you get paid to take surveys (up to $1 each), you can earn money for inviting friends to join (the more they earn, the more you do), you can take part in a sponser's money earning opportunity or you can play games on the site. The only downfall is, you must earn $30 to cash in. However, you can use that $30 to purchase a gift or two for Christmas, birthday, you can save your money for months & cash in when you have extra & use it to start a lay-a-way, pay for Christmas photos, stock up on school supplies or anything you see on clearance to put back for a Christmas/Birthday gift.
You can also put all money you earn from both sites together into a savings account or emergency fund, that way if you are ever in a bind, you will have something to fall back on.
Next time: Sites for earning points where you earn free stuff, gift cards etc.., how to earn, what to get & how to use your merchandise.


I wasn't sure what this movie was or what it was going to be like. I went off of a recommendation from my 15 year old niece. She said it was really funny & had Ashton Kutcher. Well, those two things alone should be enough to entice someone to see this movie. Once we started watching it, we couldn't stop laughing at the jokes & oohing & ahhing about the stunts they did. I couldn't believe that everyone was after him, everyone was willing to risk thier lives going up against an excellent former spy/secret agent that Ashton's character was supposed to be. I guess for 20 million dollars, people will do just about anything! That money made all those people try to kill him, his wife & anyone standing in thier way of it. WOW!! Can you imagine being hunted by those people? What about being one of those people? I really like Katherine Heigl as an actress, she seems to be really prim & proper, so she fit the part of Kutcher's wife in this movie. She was hilarious as a killer, her freaking over the gun seemed like something she would naturally do! Throw in Burt Reynolds & the mom from Home Alone, they just fit right in to be her parents it seemed! I was great! I am glad they threw in a little joke about Reynold's mustache at the end! And the alarm system over the baby, that was just crazy!! lol, Overall, I LOVED this movie!! It was FABULOUS!!