Friday, August 20, 2010


Going into this movie, I expected a movie based on the comic strip. Not necessarily exactly what goes on in the comic strip, but atleast something along the lines of a big clumsy dog who digs holes everywhere & gets into trouble chasing cars or taking from the neighbors. What we got wasn't that, but it was still a cute movie. Marmaduke's family has moved, he misses his old home & friends, so does his human family. Marmaduke meets a female dog at the dog park his owner's boss owns/visits. Only problem is, the dog is spoken for. After a heated debate, Marmaduke decides to show this dog what he's made of by faking a fight with a cat so everyone thinks he's the big bad dog of the neighborhood. He realizes too late that he's trying to fit in where he doesn't belong & that no one is his friend because of him, but because of a persona that he has put on. In the end, he saves the day, gets the girl & all's well that ends well.

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