Friday, August 20, 2010


Here are a few videos from some of the top Male Vocalists in Country Music today & my opinions on them! If you'd like to share your opinion with me, just send me a comment!
Toby Keith - Trailerhood ~ 5/5
I absolutely LOVE this video!! It fits the song perfect, it makes so much sense & pretty much everyone knows someone who lives in or grew up in this kind of neighborhood! Toby Kieth has such meaningful videos, he really knows how to put them into perspective!
Trace Adkins ~ This Ain't No Love Song ~ 5/5
As most know, I am a HUGE Trace Adkins fan, I am ALWAYS a fan of his videos! My only request is can we get him half naked in the bed too???
Brad Paisley ~ Water ~ 5/5
Another hit for Brad!! He makes everything down home & real, I really like his work!! My brother thinks when his career is finished, he'll be the greatest country artist EVER!! I wasn't so sure, but he does do it well!!
Craig Morgan ~ This Ain't Nothin ~ 5/5
This song is a very heartfelt, emotional song!! It puts that message out once again that there are things more important that THINGS! That loosing our wife or father or brother or best friend or even our own hand is a harder thing to go through than our house being totalled by a tornado. That we need to appreciate the people we have because we never know when they will be taken. Stuff can be replaced, people can't!
Rodney Atkins ~ Farmer's Daughter ~ 5/5
I really like this song & video! Video fits well, very cute! I love that he has his wife in the video too ~ makes it so much cuter!!

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