Friday, August 20, 2010

SAHM: Tips for Being Frivolous Part 1

As a STAY AT HOME MOM or SAHM for short, unless your husband makes thousands of dollars a week, you are almost always strapped for money or budgeting. You are always looking to saving tons of money, or atleast enough to pay for vet bills, dr co-pay or any other little expense that pops up unexpectedly. For instance, back in July, we spent almost $350 paying for our kitten's vet/animal hospital visit. When you are a SAHM, you are already on a budget & you already have to scrimp & save for birthdays, Christmas gifts, school clothes/supplies, Halloween costumes & anything else you want or need. This blog will start a series of blobs that will be posted within the next few weeks, keep an eye out for each one to learn how we use the entire year to afford Christmas. How scrimping & saving allows me to continue being a SAHM & still give my kids a nice life. Keep reading to find out what works in our house & what we do to save, tips, ideas & lots more!
On-line Money Earning Opportunitys:
I am signed up at Pinecone Research taking surveys. This pays $3 per survey, not much, but for 15 or 20 minutes of your time, it's worth it. On average, it's $9-$12 per month unless I am invited to do an extended survey worth $10. In our household, this money is used to fund the kid's bank accounts, it's not much, but by the time they go to college, it could add up to an extra $100 toward thier education. Other things you may want to use this money for is: Netflix (they have subscriptions for less than $10 a month), purchase a $10 gift card (great way to tip mailman, newspaper person or for a teacher, friend, unexpected gift exchange or start saving Christmas shopping money on there (you can add the money & if you see a clearance item or good deal, you can use your card to purchase and pack it away for Christmas). If you choose the Christmas option, just think, $9 a month for 12 months is $108.
Inbox dollars is an e-mail reading program, they award you 2 cents per e-mail you read (by clicking the link inside & verifying by clicking the link at the site). They also offer a varity of ways to earn more money: you get paid to take surveys (up to $1 each), you can earn money for inviting friends to join (the more they earn, the more you do), you can take part in a sponser's money earning opportunity or you can play games on the site. The only downfall is, you must earn $30 to cash in. However, you can use that $30 to purchase a gift or two for Christmas, birthday, you can save your money for months & cash in when you have extra & use it to start a lay-a-way, pay for Christmas photos, stock up on school supplies or anything you see on clearance to put back for a Christmas/Birthday gift.
You can also put all money you earn from both sites together into a savings account or emergency fund, that way if you are ever in a bind, you will have something to fall back on.
Next time: Sites for earning points where you earn free stuff, gift cards etc.., how to earn, what to get & how to use your merchandise.

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