Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The movie starts off with a little girl & her mother in the subway, 2 young men rob then shoot her in from of her daughter. The little girls father arrives & it turns out he's a cop. Flash forward about 10 years, a man named Tyler, is sitting outside his apartment in New York City, drinking a beer & smoking a cigarette. He rushes out the door to meet up with his family at a cemetary. They gather to remember his brother who has passed away. Later, he is out with his room mate & they meet two girls & are drinking then walking through an alley, they come upon a fight & Tyler interfers. When the police arrive, everyone is arrested, the two girls tell the police he didn't do anything & he & his room mate are released. He trys to tell the cop (who happens to be the girl from the beginning of the movie's father) that the other two were just crossing the street, this leads to a confrontation & the father slams Tyler against the car. After being released from jail, Tyler & his room mate Aiden leave in seperate directions. Tyler has a little sister, who he just adores, he is through out the movie going after thier father (who is divorced from thier mother after his brother's tragic suicide) for not being around when she needs him. Aiden finds out the cops daughter Ally goes to thier school & talks Tyler into meeting her. She agrees to go out with him, which quickly escalates into a whirlwind romance. When Ally leaves home, her father finds her & confronts Tyler. Ally finds out the truth about WHY Tyler met her & she takes off. Aiden goes to Ally & tells her that even after what happened, Tyler cares about her, that the only other girl who he's even cared about is his little sister. When Tyler's little sister is bullied & picked on, Ally comes to comfort her too. Tyler's father FINALLY comes to & decides to be there for his daughter. He sends Tyler to his office to talk about Tyler's court case while he takes the little girl to school. When she arrives at school, the date is written on the chalkboard ~ it's SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001. Tyler is in his father's office in the World Trade Center. His family is shown running outside, seeing the ash fall, the smoke & knowing thier lives are forever changed.
This movie showed that every day is a blessing, you must cherish each & every moment because you never know when or how your loved ones will be taken from you. I cried as soon as I saw the chalkboard!! Sad, sad movie!!

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