Sunday, July 24, 2011

Should have been a relaxing Sunday........

....but it wasn't, so what can you do?

Started out well, got up for church and got ready. Kids were up, ready and had already put the dog out before I made my way downstairs. Good job kids :)

Sunday school was wonderful at first. My brother & his girlfriend showed up, arguing as always. My brother ended up leaving, but not before he threatened to punch out her car window in front of everyone. Ugh, my dumb brother!!

After he left, it went back to being a good service. I had 7 children in my Sunday School class, ranging from 1-5. After that, church service, which also went well.

Came home to get lunch ready. I had taco meat & cheese w/ nachos. The kids had noodles, their faves!!

Cleaned out the fridge while they did chores. Day was still going pretty good. Made Kool-aid, checked e-mails, sent invites for surveys & stuff. Still going well.

Time to do dishes & start dinner. Starts off well, I get most of the dishes from cleaning out the fridge & lunch done. I realize the sink is leaking. There is water & noodles all over the floor under the sink. Top this off with my husband is working late. Scheduled til 5, doesn't get home til almost 8.

When he gets home, I tell him about sink issue. He says he'll fix it after dinner. I go to check dinner, which is hamburger helper. Have I told you yet that I can't make hamburger helper for my life? I burnt the bottom, fine, I'll get new pan & finish cooking. Yeah, hamburger helper hates me!! I go to get out milk to make cheesy sauce for on top, guess 10 year old drank the last of the milk & didn't tell me.

We don't drive, it's Sunday and no buses. So, we have NO MILK, can't finish dinner. So, I scraped what was good into a tupperware & they all have to make their own dinner. Tv dinners or leftovers. Me, I had a brownie. Yum!!

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