Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My favorite food:

I love food, it's my thing. I can cook some really good meals. My kids have their favorites too. My 14 year old daughter LOVES chicken nuggets, nachos and cheese & tator tot casserole, while my 11 (almost 12) year old son loves hamburgers, calzones & tacos.

My favorite however is almost everyone's favorite: PIZZA!!! I have preferences too!! When I make homemade pizza, I love pepperoni & sausage, extra cheese. I even have different preferences when we order in too. My favorite is Papa John's Meat pizza :) If I can't afford it, I get plain sausage ~ they have the best ever!! I like Sausage & pepperoni or bacon from Dominoe's with garlic or marinara to dip the crust! Sometimes I get the pizza hoagie or pepperoni roll too! I am obsessed with it!! Not a good thing when my husband is a chef & he makes pizza everyday!!

What's your favorite food?

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