Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why don't adults understand?

Remember when you were a kid & some adult, whether it would be a relative, friend or aquaintence who just got a big kick out of torturing you. They hugged you too tight, gave you a kiss that was too wet or just play aggravated you. Well, while I am not sure why people feel that because it's a child they can just plain torture them until they are upset or crying, but I sure do know it's ridiculous! Why do you want to upset a child to that level? Why do you think that because you're bigger & stronger you can do what you want? The little boy I babysit, my godson, has uncles who do that. They call him a girl, call him by a girl's name, when he was little he was teased while changing his diaper, so much so that he hated having his diaper changed in front of anyone. He's only 3, gonna be 4 soon, but he has a mean streak. One night he punched his uncle square in the nose. How can you yell at him when said uncle was holding him tight like a baby calling him by a girl's name? And he REPEATEDLY told him to stop!! It's irritating! Kids just want to be treated like people too! Do not force a child to do something they don't want. I have a nephew who hates being kissed. I have come to an agreement with him, if he lets me hug him, I won't kiss on him. I still get to be affectionate & he's more comfortable with it :) Enjoy them while thier young, make thier memories of you special & happy ones :) Remember, kids are people too!!

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