Saturday, January 8, 2011


Novocaine ~ 3/5
Here's what has to say:
Novocaine(2001) R
Frank Sangster (Steve Martin) is a straight-laced
dentist who wants only to do a good day's work alongside his hygienist and fiancée, Jean (Laura Dern). But things change when he finds his chair occupied one day by the pleading eyes and yearning body of Susan Ivey (Helena Bonham Carter). Frank's tidy, prosperous life soon becomes a comic quagmire of illicit sex, illegal drugs and inexplicable murder. David Atkins directs this offbeat gem.
My thoughts:
Movie was pretty good, lots of different plot twists & turns. His brother is played by the actor who plays Casey Jones in the Ninja Turtles movies. The ending wasn't what I suspected!!

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