Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowstorm Memories.......

I was sitting around today remembering how snow storms used to be. I remember there was ALOT more snow on the ground before we missed school. Last year, my kids missed 2 weeks of school because of about a foot or 2 of snow. Now when I was a kid, we missed 2 weeks of snow, but it was because it was a BLIZZARD!! We had about 5 FEET of snow!! We were literally snowed in!! It was so bad that I remember my grandmother & 2 of my aunts had to come stay with us for a few days because when it all melted, the area they lived in was flooded.

We didn't just have bad memories from that blizzard, we had alot of good ones too. We had snowball fights with all our friends. When we first got our steps & a path to my grandparents across the street, we had piled all the snow in front of our garage & our yard & we were able to jump right off to the sidewalk. We'd sink in a bit, then slide off to the street & make our way back up to do it again. It was so much fun!!

Next we'd decide to drag our plastic sleds up the hill to the wall almost to the top. Then we'd pair up or take turns sliding down. Some of the braver ones (mainly my little brothers & thier dare devil friends) would actually start at the top of the hill & sled down off the wall for a much crazier ride. One time some kid even rode his sled down the steps, that ended up with him flipping & going home crying.

When we tired of this, we'd talk about building a snowman. We'd even start actually building one, but our end product NEVER looked like a snowman. We'd just be too darn wore out to complete one. And it didn't help that no one's parents would part with the things we needed to build one. So we'd end up walking around the neighborhood to check out all the snow & anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes the guys would go off snow shoveling, but that was if they could get a shovel from anyone's parents.

After all the exhausting fun, we'd say goodbye to our friends & trudge home. We'd strip out of out soaking wet clothes, toss aside our drenched coats & leave a trail of hats, gloves and scarves for my mom. After everyone was showered & into warm clothing, we'd curl up on the living room floor with out blankets & pillows. My mom would make us hot chocolate & some type of chips or nachos with dip or cheese. We'd watch a rented scary movie & be thankful the next day was already CANCELLED!!

The year we got 5 feet, we lucked out, not only did we miss school from snow, we missed school because of the flood too! Lucky kids!!

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