Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Fun :)

Christmas in our household was alot of fun :) After looking at the piles of things my kids got for Christmas, I decided to share some of MY favorites!!

My 12 year old daughter:

Twilight Scene It ~ Fun game, although we can not beat her at it lol

Sorry Spin ~ Such a fun variation to the regular version!

Guess Who Extra ~ Gives you lots of options, 6 different versions you can play & not get bored!

Wizards of Waverly Place Magic Ball ~ a cute variety on the magic 8 ball, especially if you are a fan of the show

Nintendo DSI w/ games ~ She got Photo Frenzy (which is hard), Imagine Sweet 16 & Cheetah Girls. Wasn't sure about this because she wanted a regular DS, but the photo program on it changed her mind! Lots of fun, many things to do & a camera too!!

My 9 1/2 year old son:

WWE wrestlers ~ The new versions are pretty sweet, do thier own moves & are more fun for kids!

Crayola Dry Erase Board ~ Came with a variety of different pages you slide inside & you can play over & over, includes tic tac toe, the line game & lots of design pages like a Wanted sign & design your own super hero! So much fun & the dry erase markers can be replaced when they run out for years of fun!

PSP w/ games ~ He got 3 games with this: WWE Smackdown vs Raw, Star Wars & Madden, perfect for boring rides or getting him to sit & settle lol

Air Jordans ~ Great shoes, he got red & black, they are pretty sweet! Wish I had $100 to buy myself some lol

Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium puzzle ~ We are planning to build this, then frame it & hang it in his room, it's great for a fan of the team!

Well, that's all I can think of, so enjoy!! And if you want, tell me some of the things your kids got that you just love!

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