Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kids Kids Kids!!!

So, my children have been earning money, a few dollars here & there for doing chores. Since we have been downed in snow, they have been shoveling the front side walk & the backyard to the gate so we can take out the trash & get to the street. Today I awoke to my son's piggy bank open with the plug out. His money was gone. He gave quite a few excuses, such as: I lost it!, I don't know where it is., I put it into the church offering. He's been spending most of his day on his bed in his room, I do not tolerate lying! Finally, he has admitted, he took it to school & paid $3 for 2 lead pencils. So, now he is grounded. More for lying than for spending the money. I just don't know how else to get him to save money for something expensive (it doesn't even have to be expensive, it can just be something he wants) rather than spending it on junk!! Ugh!! 9 year olds!! Atleast he will be 10 in a few weeks!!

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