Sunday, January 2, 2011


Knucklehead ~ 5/5
Here's what says:
Knucklehead(2010) PG-13
Drowning in gambling debts to his bookie, Memphis (Dennis Farina), former mixed martial arts champ Eddie (Mark Feuerstein) starts training gentle giant Walter (The Big Show) for a high-stakes fighting competition with a $100,000 grand prize that would solve all of their problems. Filmed on location in New Orleans, this WWE-produced comedy adventure also features Melora Hardin, Wendie Malick and Bobb'e J. Thompson.
My thoughts:
Fabulous movie!! Hilarious!! Can't believe they got The Big Show to do that stuff!! My family laughed the entire movie, until the end when Big Show made us tear up!! Such a cute fun movie!! A Must see for every WWE fan!!

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