Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: We Are Marshall

We Are Marshall ~ 5/5

Here's what has to say:
We Are Marshall(2006) PG
After a plane crash takes the lives of most of Marshall University's football team, new coach Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) must rally the surviving players and a grieving community to victory in this inspiring drama based on actual events. The film follows Lengyel and his assistant coach (Matthew Fox) as they try to renew Marshall's football program and help the close-knit West Virginia town of Huntington find new hope.

Here's what I think:
Based on a very true story of West Virginia's Marshall University, this movie was very tugging on the heart. As a resident of the wonderful state of West Virginia, I was more touched than others by this movie. I loved the remaining few team members spirits, thier willingness to go on, to continue to honor thier fallen team mates, coaches & fans. I was inspired by thier spirit & very proud of my own team, WVU for thier tribute to the fallen Marshall team. Showing thier new helmets to the new coaching staff at Marshall made me sob!! I recommend this movie to anyone who is a football fan, but also those who just like a great movie!! Even though Marshall only won 9 games over the next 4 years, they worked hard & did thier best, and for that, they should all be proud! Because, I am sure thier team was watching over them with pride for continuing to do what they all loved while everyone seemed to be against them & those who weren't, had a hard time doing what they wanted.

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