Monday, August 8, 2011

Only $25 to finish school supply shopping!!

I ended up taking the kids school supply shopping today :) Got everything they needed, which included: 5 binders, 5 packs of divider tabs, 8 plain folders & 2 decorated, a compass, 4 sticks of glue, 4 packs of paper & a pack of pens.

I think we did pretty good!!

My daughter got hers put together & ready for school, my son's is atleast put away lol Now we are just waiting for the last 2 weeks of summer are over to go back to school!

Keep fingers crossed for me, this mama is trying to be a WAHM, babysitting! I'm excited, would have probably 4 kids at first when school goes back! I'm excited!! Can't wait to help out my husband with bills & such!

Did a little grocery shopping today too! Got alot of great deals, my freezers full of snack cakes I froze, who can beat a dollar a box for good stuff!

Watching my weekly fix of Monday Night Raw, then an early bedtime, tomorrow is a busy day!

Important calls to make in the AM, then movies & lunch with my babies :) We might even do a layaway @ K-mart! Fun fun!!

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