Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Son, He's Gonna Make a Wonderful Man One Day!

I just want to say, boys who learn it's ok to cry when they are little will turn out to be good men. My son loves to watch movies & tv shows with me. Usually it's movies like Batman or Spiderman, sometimes he wants to watch a horror flick with us. He does watch "girly" shows with his sister & me, things like Teen Mom, he adores Maci & Farrah, Bad Girls Club & other shows like that. Today though, he happened to be up super early, before his usually "awake at dawn" sister. He layed on the couch with his pillow & blanket & caught up on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. We were catching up on last season since Netflix has some of them on there. The final episode today, the one where Ben & Adrian find out their baby has passed away & everyone arrives thinking it's a happy moment. It turnd out to be a super sad one, I bawled my eyes out. At the end, when I was wiping away my tears, my 10 year old little boy looks at me & says, "Wow Mommy, that was so sad. I was crying!" He's such a sweetheart. This isn't the first time he's cried over something sad, and I hope he will always carry in his heart that it's ok to cry when something's sad or hurts you. I'm very proud of my little guy!

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