Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodwill Today!!

Well, we made a Walmart trip today. Before though, we hit up Goodwill.

Our inventory included:
31 books (mostly Goosebumps & Babysitter's Club, trying to complete our collections!!)
For my son:
2 long sleeve boys shirts (one is a funny saying & the other is Nike Basketball)
1 Boys t-shirt (Transformers)
2 Boys Jerseys (Denver Broncos' John Elway & Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan)
For my daughter:
3 pairs of PJ pants
Twilight Eclipse board game
Halloween wig, it's colorful curls that look like a clown (similar to)
Then more misc:
a t-shirt for my 5 year old nephew (Buzz Lightyear)
a t-shirt for my 3 year old nephew (Spiderman)
a hoodie for my 2 year old nephew (Spiderman)

I really love Goodwill :)

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