Monday, August 29, 2011


Backwoods ~ 3/5

Here's what says:


2008 R 84 minutes

A group of programmers is heading to an executive retreat in the wilderness of Northern California's Jasper Park -- where, two months earlier, a couple disappeared while camping. Will the computer geeks' training prepare them for what ensues? When a friendly paintball game turns into a fight for survival against a band of lunatic locals, the nerds must show what they're made of in this thriller starring Ryan Merriman and Haylie Duff.

My thoughts:

Good movie, it just has a repeat plot. Like so many other slasher films, they go out into the middle of nowhere. A small group, they run into many signs to turn back and ignore them. Then they run into a crazy, deformed family who wants their girls to breed & their men dead. Good story, just over played. Need new ideas. Slasher fans, it's worth a shot!!

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