Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nice day today :)

We started off today, walking across town. We walked over 25 blocks. It was nice excercise. The kids didn't even really complain much, they were glad not to have to walk uphill though!

Got to the mall around 11, shopped at K-mart. They had great deals on 2, 4 & 10 packs of movies. I put some of them & a few Christmas gifts on lay-a-way. I had an old cancelled one, so I used that money to do a new one! Love lay-a-ways!! :)

Then we had lunch, sausage pizza & cheese bread @ Little Ceasars! Love their food, it was delicious as always!!

The movie went great, it was fun & a movie for everyone: Check out my review!!

Then my son decided to head to the pool for an hour, my daughter started the chicken for dinner & I got an hour to relax! Made dinner & had our 3rd family dinner @ our new table!!

After dinner was a movie & dessert. A little on-line time, now time for bed. Had a wonderful day with my kiddos today!!

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