Monday, November 29, 2010

This man seriously infuriates me!!

First go here & read this article:

Now, why in the heck does Kanye West think that Taylor Swift should have defended him or anything in ANY interview she had? He was rude, snatched the microphone out of her hand to tell her she didn't deserve to win, that someone else, who she had BEAT should have won? That was rude, ignorant & not his place!! She is a very good singer, she didn't deserve his behavior!! No matter who thinks she deserved to win or not, she WON, she deserved to be treated with respect, allowed to graciously say her thank yous & to be applauded & celebrate her win among her peers. Why was it his place to say a dang word? It WASN'T!! Now he wants more media attention by saying she capitalized on the incident, that she didn't defend him!! Heck, if it was me, my brothers would have hunted him down & kicked his A$$!!! He deserves no apology, no defense, he should be very ashamed of himself for thinking he does!! Grow up Kanye!! It's about time you learned some manors & quit acting like you're 2!!

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