Friday, November 12, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street ~ 4/5
Before this movie even arrived at our house, I was unsure if I would like it or not. No one can possibly be Freddy Krueger unless it's Robert England right? For my husband, the answer to that is Yes, NO ONE can replace Robert England as Freddy. However, for me, the answer is No, someone else CAN be Freddy & can be convincing & bring a different aspect to the role. This movie is different from the original, rather than focus on Freddy & his killings, this movie focus's on why he was killing these kids & what his past was. Instead of a quick moment of saying he's a child killer or molester, this movie allows the kids to go back & remember what happened, helps them to find the reasons why they are hated. First they think they wrongly accused him, until them look deeper into the past & go back to the school where the bad things happened. They go to the basement where Freddy lived & they are frustrated because they don't know why they have come back here or what they are looking for. However, they quickly figure out where to go & how to find the cave he had taken them to. They flash back throughout the movie to show the past, to focus more on that than on Freddy & his current hobby: killing them. The more indepth focus of the movie & the more about Freddy we know makes him all the more scarier. I enjoyed this prospective & knowing just what he did & how he reacted to the kids telling on him, makes him all the more scary!! Before you decide you don't like it based on the portrayal of Freddy by a new actor, give it a chance, it tells more about the story than you knew before. Excellent movie, scared my little monster & even me, just a little!!

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