Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snagger's Poem

I come here to visit and my heart begans to race!More snaggagles I see but Im all out of space! I think "I wont snag any today"I promise I will refrain.But the next thing you knowI'm snagging again. My documents are fullMy 30 gigs are gone!Where did they go alreadyBoy that didn't take too long! I dont dare pass them byI need everyone I see.They're all so preciousAnd all so free! Im hooked on my snaggablesReally bad you know.I cant live without themSo snagging I must go!!! I have little siggysto show that I have snagged.They are all over the siteA snagger, I am tagged! I love my snagging friendsthey mean the world to me.They are where I get my snagsIts their fault you see!!!!

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