Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween has past.........

Most Halloween nights, moms & dads all over the country, drag thier child from house to house & street to street for a sack of candy. We dress them in thier warm clothes, with thier favorite character costume pulled snugly overtop. Now, we apply make-up, fake blood, sparkles & crowns, perfectly executing the look. Sometimes we prepare weeks in advance, sewing costumes, creating handmade costumes out of cardboard boxes. We glue & stitch, working for hours. Some run out to the stores & purchase the entire outfit head to toe, plopping down a pretty penny for a costume worn once or twice. However it is that we prepare, however little or long we work; it all leads to this: HALLOWEEN NIGHT, TRICK OR TREATING!!
In our town, it was cold, not freezing, just cold although by the end of the 1 hour trick or treat time we were all freezing. This year we planned out route ahead of time because in our neighborhood, there are blocks were little or no candy is handed out, and other streets it's a race to see how fast we can get our candy. We left 10 minutes before TOT, had to pose for a photo before hand, then took our 8 TOT'ers & started off. Once our hour was up, we stopped for a free slice of pizza from the local pizza shop. After the kids ate thier slice, we headed back home for the fun of examining our loot. Each child had a larger sized bag almost full!! We had so much candy when we got back to the house!! Each child was allowed a few pieces before bed, what's Halloween when you don't get to fill up on junk??
We didn't get anything strange or crazy: assorted candy, chips, pretzels, can of pop & money.
Funny things:
My niece was told she didn't need a quarter because she was "too old to trick or treat", but was then given a quarter anyway. It was an older lady, but my niece is only 15.
Then, another person told my 12 year old daughter & 14 & 15 year old nieces that they were too old to be trick or treating when they are in college!!
And finally an irritation.......
Why do people feel the need to turn on lights & leave them on, when they are NOT home??? One house had about 25 steps & had lights blinding up from the road & NO ONE ANSWERED!!! Poor kids walked all that way for nothing!!
So, inconclusion, I hope everyone had a great Halloween :)

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