Thursday, January 5, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: The Darkroom

The Darkroom ~ 4/5

The Darkroom

Here's what says:

The Darkroom

2005 NR 83 minutes

Evil lurks in the mind of a hospitalized amnesiac who's forced to take a volatile drug that causes him to suffer grisly visions of young women being killed. But when he escapes the institution and meets a troubled teenage boy, his memory starts to return. Will his visions lead them both to salvation or to destruction? Shawn Pyfrom, Reed Diamond, Julian Berlin and Lucy Lawless star in this chilling tale of vision, memory and violence.

My thoughts:

This movie started off 15 years before, then shows a man in a mental hospital. He's going to undergo a medication that will make him remember his past. He escapes, meets a young kid (played by the same person who plays Bree's son Andrew on Desperate Housewives) and begins piecing his past back together. The ending was a little surprising, but I realized itjust before the surprise was revealed. It turned out to be pretty good, more than I expected it to be.

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