Saturday, March 19, 2011


Kidorable Dinosaur Style

Just recently my little 3 year old nephew's grandmother won him tickets to see Barney & friends Live. Prior to this, he liked some dinosaurs, made roaring sounds and such when playing with them. However he wasn't REALLY into them! Now that he met the big purple dinosaur, he hasn't even tried to play with his Buzz and Woody. He's been too busy playing with his Rex.

My other nephew, who is almost 2, went to the show also. He's been chasing his brother around fighting for Rex. So I guess thier next big thing is gonna be dinosaurs.

Did you ever have a child that into dinosaurs? Both of mine were never really that into dinosaurs. I mean they both liked them ok, but they never really took a big interest in them.

My Princess visited Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum and liked the dinosaur section when she was in Kindergarden. My Monster liked the fact that some of them ate the others, but he didn't get too into them either.

My SIL asked me to check into dinosaur patterned items she could get for thier rooms and thier new homes. She wanted to get them rain boots because they will be having a back yard for the first time.

Today I got an e-mail and I went to and looked at thier selection of Dinosaur themed items. Thier selection is very cute and the perfect dinosaur fit! Everything you need to dress like a dinosaur.

I immediately liked the Dinosaur Rain Boots. When I continued to look through, I found the Dinosaur Rain Coat. It's currently a part of the promotion. If you purchase a raincoat, you get a free umbrella.

I called my SIL to tell her about the cute things they had. She is now planning to get them the rain boots, rain coats and the Dinosaur Umbrella. They are having a promotion right now! Free umbrella with the purchase of every dinosaur rain coat.

Details of the promotion:
March 14th- 31th:Get a free umbrella with every Dinosaur Rain Coat purchase. Coupon code: DinorableExpires: 11:59pm March 31 2011

Free Kidorable Umbrella

So before Spring hits and the rain starts falling, I encourage you to head on over to and check out thier dinosaur selection for your little dinosaur lover! For those places spring looks a long way off, they have Dinosaur Mittens, Dinosaur Knit Scarf and Dinosaur Knit Hats.

I know when my little nephews get thier new rain coats, boots and umbrellas they are going to be super happy with them. I am even thinking of getting them the Dinosaur Towels to keep thier adventure going after they've had thier rainy day fun!

Maybe when they head off to school, they'll want the Dinosaur Backpack! Or when they get thier new room, they'll want the Dinosaur hanger set. I can't wait to shop for my little dinosaur lovers in the future!!

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