Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis the Season :)

Tonight we headed out into the blistering cold to ring bells for The Salvation Army. We spent 3 hours of our time, giving back to the community & to the church. It was an amazing feeling :) I smiled like crazy, couldn't believe so many people were willing to put a dollar or two into the kettle. One little boy asked his dad for money to put into the kettle, but the dad kept telling him no, but that little boy was very determined, he asked over & over!! Another little boy was upset because his dad gave his older sister all his change to put in. The poor little guy!! Luckily, one quarter had not made it into the bucket, so I was able to let him put it in :) It really made his day!! One lady came back to put money in & thanked us for saying Merry Christmas & not Happy Holidays!! Even those my toes about froze off & my knees hurt afterward, I all in all had a wonderful time. The girls in my group are amazing, I love thier positive upbeat selves :) And, I'm glad I could spend a few hours tonight giving back to the church that helps me so often :)

This holiday season, give something back, even if it's just a few pennys left after you pay for your grocerys or a new toy, help make a needy child's Christmas this holiday season!! It doesn't have to be to The Salvation Army, although that's the one I hope you'll choose :), but there are other places out there who have great intentions too :) Even volunteering a few hours of your time to stand out & ring a bell does a world of goodness :)

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