Tuesday, December 14, 2010


ellaWrap ~ 5/5
ellaWrap provide stylish, reusable fabric wraps. They not only look cute, but they can be reused over & over. Each bag comes with a little notecard type list of each time the bag was recycled, you pass it along with your gift, so the next person can list what they used it for. These gift wraps are not just for Christmas, they have birthday, holiday, new baby, wedding & anniversary or Just Because. You can use your own ideas to "style" your bag. You can add ribbons & bows or flowers & other trinkets to match your package.
The product I sampled was:
ellaWrap also is located on Facebook:
Each bag is priced fairly reasonable, as they are reusable & can last a long time. You can also keep them for yourself to use them as a travel bag or to store items in your own home.
If you're interested in these cute, fashionable, environmentally friendly bags, go here:

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