Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Twilight Saga, Eclipse

Twilight Saga, Eclipse: Rating 5/5
My daughter & I saw this movie together, we make it special mother/daughter time for each new movie ever since we watched the first one together. Now, we are both hooked & waiting for the last movie.
The movie opens where the last one left off, Bella & Edward are back together passing the time til she graduates & turns 18 so he can turn her into a vampire. He's still against it & she's still pushing for it. She makes a trip to see her mom which gets her second guessing her decision to be like Edward & never see her family & friends again. Victoria & her new force of newborns begins terrorizing Seattle, causing much destruction & disappearances, creating an army to defeat the Cullens & get Bella. Bella finally gets to talk to Jacob where he reveals his feelings for her, making her decision even harder. He misinterprets her intentions & trys to kiss her resulting in her hand being injured when she trys to punch him. He promises not to kiss her again until she asks. When Alice informs them that the newborns will be there soon, Jacob volunteers the Wolf pack to help protect Bella, much to Edwards dismay. Moments before the fight, Jacob overhears Bella & Edward talking about thier upcoming wedding. When Bella realizes that Edward knew Jacob was listening, she goes after Jacob. Jacob/Bella fans will be happy to know that this leads to Bella asking Jacob for that kiss. Edward sees the kiss where he acknowledges that Bella loves Jacob, she says I love you more & his reply: I know. The attack begins & the wolves help tremendously in destroying the newborn army. Victoria & her new beau however realize that Bella & Edward are not thier, so they go after Edwards scent & find them. Once the Cullins come out on top, they must deal with the Voltori, who destroys the last remaining Newborn & brings up that Bella is still not a vampire. During the battle, Jacob was injured & Bella goes to him, where he assures her he will be waiting til her last breath or longer. The movie ends with Edward & Bella talking about going to tell her dad they are getting married. Leaving fans wanting, thirsting for more!! Can't wait til Breaking Dawn!!

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