Friday, July 30, 2010


Broken Flowers ~ 2/5
This movie starring Bill Murray was nothing that was expected of it. In the beginning, a man name Don Johnston (Bill Murray) is sitting in his living room & his girlfriend leaves him. He gets a mysterious envelope in the mail the same time & opens it to find out that he has a son he never knew about who is now approximately 18 or 19 years old. His friend Winston talks him into going back to check out which of his old girlfriends is hiding his child. He is given a list of things to look for from anything pink to typewriters & stationary. His journey goes from old flames quickly rekindled & burned out, injurys & frequent mistaken identity as Don Johnson. He quickly decides to give up & return home knowing nothing. He returns to his home where he runs into a young kid in his late teens wandering outside the restaurant he is in, he buys him lunch & has a short talk with him. He notices a pink ribbon on the boys backpack & confronts him about being his son. Freaking the guy out, he runs off & ducks into an alley before he can be caught. The movie ends with his realization that he may never know his son & that he may not even HAVE a son.
This movie was NOTHING like what I thought it would be, it was boring, my husband fell asleep over & over. The plot would have been better had thier been more funny less boring.

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