Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Couples Retreat

Couple's Retreat ~ Rating: 5/5
Went into this movie expecting alot of laughs from Vince Vaughn, to say the least, he fulfilled all my expectations. I really enjoyed this movie, alot of cute laughs.
The story starts off with 3 couples & thier newly divorced friend, it previews the problems each couple is having. One couple has decided they need to attend this 2 weeks of Couple's Retreat on the island called Eden, however, they can not afford it & they need the other 3 couples to go in order to get a group rate. After some coaxing, they all agree to go, but only for the fun stuff, insisting they don't need the couple's therapy. Upon arriving they find out the island is all they could want & more, however, in order to stay, they must follow a strict regimen of therapy & activitys. As things move forward, they are made aware of more problems & things they never thought were a big deal are really a big deal in thier relationships. After alot of problems & a little adventure, they all realize they have good strong relationships if they work on them together & commit as much time to thier relationship as they do on friends, kids, work & themselves.
What a beautiful message about making time to be a couple. So many times in this life, we forget to stop & treasure what we have, we just keep pushing through life, never stopping to "smell the roses". My husband & I just got to get our yearly *atleast it seems that way* date night in, we took in the Bret Michaels concert May 31st. The few moments you get to spend alone with each other should be cherished, not rushed. This movie brought alot of different problems to light, sharing how each couple had let thier relationship get rushed, pushed aside or forgotten while they moved on individually. It also showed how to get it back on track, always make time together, always spend time making each other feel special. Definetly a fun movie with a good message. I personally would watch it again!

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