Thursday, April 9, 2015

Recent Deals!!!

This is a little older, it's from January at Bath & Body Works, but everything you see here equaled out to $37:
There are 3 tube lotions, 3 bottles of lotion, 2 key chain sanitizer holders, 4 body sprays and a body crème.
Next up:
3 Glade Candles Just $3 plus I got back $4 in Extra Bucks!!
Another deal:

2 Captain Crunch cereals, 1 can of Progressive soup and cotton balls, $1.13 plus $1.99 back in Extra Bucks!!
Final CVS deal:
2 Xtra laundry detergent and 1 Campbells soup $1.08 plus .79 in Extra Bucks!!
(These deals are a big part of the reason I LOVE CVS!!!)
Finally to my Rite Aid deals:
Rite Aid usually has a lot more deals all at once:

2 Irish Spring body wash & 2 Minion heart candy boxes .68!1


4 bags of M&M's, 3 Robin's Eggs & 2 Crest Pro Health toothpaste, $17 and got $10 in Up Rewards.
$13.68 total.
And final deal:
$17 plus $5 in Up Rewards.
I do pretty good sometimes!!!


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