Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash & Dial Baby Body & Hair Wash Review & Giveaway

I was chosen to be a Dial Baby & Dial Kids product tester from Purex Insiders.
When my package arrived, I had to throw out the box due to a spill that happened along the way. The Dial Baby body + hair wash leaked everywhere.
My first product to try was the Dial Kids FOAMING hand wash.
The Dial Kids FOAMING hand wash was great for small children. It sends out a small splash of foam which allows them enough to wash their hands, yet doesn't allow them to make a huge, gooey mess.

The above photo is just one pump of the Dial Kids FOAMING hand wash. It smells very good, I give the scent factor a 5/5. I had watermelon scent and it was AMAZING!!

After using the hand wash a few days, I decided to try out the Dial Baby body + hair wash. I have a nephew who is 2, he's toddler age, yet he has pretty sensitive skin like a baby. I bathed him after he ate some ice cream to try out this product.

(Yes, we bath him in the sink!!)
The Dial Baby body + hair wash is fragrance free which is perfect for him. It left no residue and his skin was squeaky clean!!
Perfect for a baby's sensitive skin!!
Now, Purex Insiders have been generous enough to supply some coupons for me to give away so you also can try out one or the other of these great products!!

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