Thursday, April 9, 2015

Randoms Review

When I signed up for the Smiley 360 Randoms promotion, I did not expect such a great package and it was FREE!!
Included in my package:
1 small bag of Randoms
1 large bag of Randoms
Randoms tips and Smiley 360 tips
I love that they really explained a lot of what they wanted from me and made trying this product very easy!
Our entire household and friends and family who come to visit are HUGE gummy candy fans!! We especially liked Randoms because they offer 70 different shapes, 7 fruit flavors and 3 gummy candy textures. There is TRULY something for everyone!!!
My favorite are the pink and red ones, I really like the flavor. I did not particularly like the ones with the white gummy on the bottom. Just now my texture I guess.
I love all the shapes and how neat they all are!! They have many cool shapes!!
And my favorite part was comparing gummys to real life objects:
Had a ton of fun with this product from Smiley 360 & Randoms. My family & I look forward to seeing new shapes and flavors of Randoms in the future!!

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