Monday, April 1, 2013

New Purex Glitter!!!

Purex has decided to release a new product this year that really kicks up the laundry spectrum a few notches!! I'm so excited that I not only got to know about this product, I get to try it too!! I just got it on Saturday and I can't wait to try it!

Have you personally ever wanted to be like the vampires in Twilight? Have you wanted your dress to sparkle when you spin around on the dance floor? Have you really wanted your wedding day or your prom night to really stand out? To be the prettiest, sparkling beauty in the room? Now, with  Purex's new Glitter, you can:

Facts about Purex Glitter:

Has Sparkle Action to really make you shine!
Washes out easily when your special event is over.
Along with providing sparkle, still washes out tough stains.
Has Clean Power.
Available in a store near you, sometime soon.

Here are a few ideas where Purex Glitter would be helpful:

Graduation Day, make yourself really stand out from the rest of the crowd:

Make the most of your wedding day, shining in front of your family & friends:

Finally, dress up your children's outfit before pictures or special days:

There are so many things to sparkle for, so many ways to use this new product! I'm really excited about trying this!! Let me know your thoughts!!

Purex provided the sample of their new Purex Glitter, I'll only be sampling it!

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