Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW: Super Glam Rhinestone Bride to Be Sash

Are you a Bride to Be? Know one? I found the perfect site to order your bachelorette party or Bridal Shower necessities: The House of Bachelorette!!
I was asked to review a product, the Super Glam Rhinestone Bride to Be Sash. First, I received the sash, wrapped up and stuffed into a neat little satchel, that ties at the top. The packaging was cute, a perfect way to either present it to the bride or give as a gift.
The front of the satchel shows the B from Bride, sparkly & shiny with it's little rhinestones. The back includes a little card.
The card includes:
A Thank you, including a note that the item was carefully made by Rhinestone Sash.
It also includes Care Tips (keep reading for details) & on the back side, a discount code off your next $20 or more purchase & a list of other sashes they also have.
Upon taking the sash out of its' satchel, I inspected it closer:
Very pretty, stands out and is available in 6 colors.
(Black, Red, Silver, White, Purple or Pink)
The rhinestones are very pretty and detailed, causing a concern for care.
The card details these care instructions:
Cleaning - Spot Clean Only
Pressing - Low heat, on reverse side only
Storage - Store in acid free paper, in a low moisture area
Seems pretty easy to me!! (Best part)
Here are a few more close-ups of the sash details: 
Finally, here's what the sash looks like on someone:
My final thoughts are:
This sash is AMAZING!! What a fun, glittery addition to any Bachelorette party!!
I recommend this!!
You can find this beautiful sash here: Rhinestone Bride to Be Sash
You can also find all your other Bachelorette Party must haves here: House of Bachelorette!!
They have all you need to have the BEST bachelorette party ever:
Boas, Sashes, Games, Gifts, Favors, Tiaras & More!!

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