Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I tried Purex UltraPacks & was impressed with the results. Now it's your turn!!

Simply answer this question in the comments below:

What's the worst stain you've ever dealt with? How did you get it out?

One entry per person. You may earn bonus entrys by getting someone to enter on my blog. You get 1 entry per person who enters because you sent them! Make sure they tell me who sent them!
Any post that does not contain an answer to the questions above will be deleted.

I have 3 free coupons for 1 Purex UltraPacks detergent, so there will be 3 WINNERS!!!

CONTEST ENDS: February 21st @ Noon EST.


Jerri M said...

wine/chocolate from a party night. A whooooole lot of Shout and Shout Advanced did the job.

Ashley said...

My worst stain was a grease stain. I used oxyclean to get it out.

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