Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: Blood Monkeys

Blood Monkey
Blood Monkeys ~ 3/5

Here's what www.netflix.com says:
2007 NR 88 minutes

Upon arriving in Africa to study the continent's resident apes with a noted professor (F. Murray Abraham), six graduate students are introduced to an exciting new breed of chimpanzee. It's the chance of a lifetime … until the students start dropping like flies. As the killer chimps chip away at the tribe of humans working in their midst, the survivors begin to wonder whether they'll ever get home alive in this gory horror flick.

My thoughts:

First off, the whole situation they got themselves into was crazy! I would have never went any farther than the man would take them. If the guy lives there & won't venture any further, there's a reason! That's a sign to go back!!

2nd, When some wierd scientist wants you to go deeper into the woods, you run! Forget about following him deeper into the woods!

Lastly, when some crazy monkey creatures are hunting you, their den is the last place you should head! They should have kept running! Going inside is a terrible idea!!

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