Thursday, February 17, 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Saw The Final Chapter

Saw The Final Chapter ~ 5/5

Here's what says:
Saw: The Final ChapterSaw VII; Saw 3D(2010) R
Insane, intense cruelty is the
calling card of the Jigsaw killer (Tobin Bell), whose twisted spirit and terrifying human traps -- recalled in flashbacks following his death in Saw III -- inspire another installment of the hugely successful gore franchise. Led by fellow survivor Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery), Jigsaw's past victims band together to support each other. Cary Elwes reprises his role as Dr. Lawrence Gordon.

My thoughts:
Loved the gore as always!! Thought it fit well with all other Saw movies!! And, I really enjoyed seeing how they were all linked together!! As a HUGE Saw fan, I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!

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