Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday Poptarts!! Birthday Cake Poptarts Review & Coupon Giveaway!!

When I first found out I had been chosen to try Birthday Cake Poptarts due to a House Party Chatterbox, I was thrilled!! Poptarts are a big staple in our house & I'm always on the look out for new flavors!
I received my Chat Pack & opened it to find this:
A cool poptart birthday card was inside:
Which I opened up to find:

What a great way to celebrate Limited Edition Birthday Cake Poptarts!!
I went on my search for the free box House Party Chatterbox provided me. It took me 3 stores, all within 20 minutes of my home before I finally found this:
So I finally found them, now for how they look:
So far, so good, they look delicious!!
Yummy!! They were so good! Tasted just like cake or a cupcake, the creamy icing inside had little bits of sprinkle. Delicious! My household gives it 8 thumbs up!!
 Poptarts 50th Birthday Photobomb is going on now. Just print him, cut him out & take a selfie then post your photo to sites like Twitter, Vine , Instagram and/or Facebook using #PopTarts50

 Austin Mahone fans, check out specially marked details on how to win your own concert!!!
You want to celebrate Pop Tarts 50th Birthday?? Try this recipe:

Finally, want to find out for yourself how good these Birthday Cake PopTarts are??
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