Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Gram....

Today is the 12th anniversary of my Gram's passing. My Gram was truly my best friend! She volunteered to watch my daughter when I was a Senior so I could finish school. She had to miss my wedding because she was in the hospital. She was sad, but made my Pap go so he could tell her all about it. When I went to get my wedding pictures, she called me and said to bring them over to her house first because she wanted to see what all she had missed.

I've been told tons of stories of my Gram, like when I was a baby and couldn't say Grandma, she told me I could call her whatever I wanted & I called her a b*tch. As a shy child, I would hide under the bed during birthday parties, so my Gram came and they couldn't get me out from under the bed. She came in and asked me to come out & I didn't want to, so she laid on the floor talking to me until I came out. When I came out, she let me sit on her lap the whole time. :)

That was my Gram, always an amazing woman, always caring and taking care of her family.

I miss her lots, love you Gram!! January 23rd, 1939 to November 16th, 2001

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