Saturday, December 8, 2012


Blood Bath
Blood Bath ~ 4/5
Here's what says:
They Knew He Was Out There
He took his time. He watched his victims and chose carefully. Then he struck--each attack more brutal than the last. By the time detectives arrived, all they found were gruesome crime scenes of bloodied, brutalized bodies. . .
They Knew He Would Strike Again

For more than ten years in South Louisiana the killings went on. Task forces were formed. The killer even spent time in jail. But that wouldn't stop the bloodshed. One victim was stabbed with a screwdriver 83 times. . .
But They Couldn't Stop Him--Until Was Too Late

He was a father. A husband. A co-worker. And a killer. Derrick Todd Lee was ultimately convicted of two savage murders and tied to at least seven more. From the slender trace of DNA that finally nabbed him to the courageous prosecutors who took him down in court, this is the shocking story of a homicidal maniac hiding in plain sight--and an evil that could never be washed away. . .
Includes 16 pages of shocking photographs
Here are my thoughts:
I enjoyed the book overall, it shared alot of detail & crime information. It opened my eyes to how some people can be. It really showed how crimes are linked and how things changed over years. I liked that it offered information and links to other crimes he committed. I enjoy the extra chapter outlining just what he'd done.

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